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20 Secrets Women Don’t Want Men To Know.

20 Secrets Women Don't Want Men To Know.

20 Secrets Women Don’t Want Men To Know.


1. Most women subconsciously seek validation from men to feel good about themselves.

2. They know if you’re confident or lack in confidence through body language.

3. Every girl had a first love whom she gave her entire soul to.

4. No matter how mature a girl behaves, she will always try to find a guy who can handle the little kid in her.

5. Women get mad at men for not sharing their feelings but most women won’t say what they are truly feeling.

6. Your natural smell. Women find distinctive smells attractive. The next time she hugs you, she’ll smell too.

7. They lie about their body count.

8. They stalk your social media.

9. When a man sweats after some form of sport/exercise, the sweat on the face is Saturn-on for some women. If they like you secretly, they definitely enjoy eye contact. A lot of it.

10. Every woman is emotional and passionate.

11. Women’s public bathrooms are lush havens beyond men’s wildest dreams.

12. Nothing makes a girl laugh harder than when you copy something they said weirdly. They just find that thing too funny.

13. They don’t need any solution to their problem when they are sad. They just need a warm console.

14. Just tell them what you are expecting from them from the beginning itself. Don’t beat around the bush.

15. When they are in love, they smell your clothes.

16. If they get upset, they love it when you make up for it with kisses and apologies rather than manliness.

17. They hope your guy friends secretly have a crush on them.

18. Girls will never admit that they like you. They just start talking to youevery dayy and start asking if you have eaten and other stuff.

20. They want a man who’s good at seduction.



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