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7 Ways on How to Book Train Online for Lagos, Ibadan

7 Ways on How to Book Train Online for Lagos, Ibadan

7 Ways on How to Book Train Online for Lagos, Ibadan

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To modernise rail travel in Nigeria, the Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) has introduced an e-ticketing platform for the Lagos-Ibadan train route in 2023. This innovative system aims to streamline the booking process, making it convenient for passengers to secure their train tickets. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to book your train tickets online for the Lagos to Ibadan route and vice versa in 2023.

Things to note if you want to book the Lagos, Ibadan and Abeokuta train online:

Please bear the following in mind when trying or looking to book your train ride between Lagos, Ibadan and Abeokuta online:

  • You can only book a day ahead.
  • Business class tickets are ₦6500 for both children and adults.
  • First-class tickets are ₦9000 for both children and adults.
  • Standard tickets are ₦3000 for children and ₦3600 for adults.
  • Keep your transaction emails or messages secure and ready for presentation/verification at the train station.
  • You can book both morning and evening trips.

On-the-Ground experience

The introduction of the e-ticketing platform has not stopped payment at the train station. However, cash payments are no longer accepted and you can only pay using bank transfer or your ATM card.

Accessing the e-ticketing platform to book trains online for Lagos, Abeokuta, Ibadan

1. Visit the website

To begin your journey, access the official e-ticketing platform at www.nrc.gsds.ng. Please ensure you are on the correct website to avoid scams.

2. Registration

Passengers are required to register on the platform using their National Identification Numbers (NIN). This step is essential for security and identification purposes.

Booking your online Lagos, Ibadan or Abeokuta train ticket.

3. Sign In

After successful registration, sign in to the platform using your email address and password. This will grant you access to the booking system.

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4. Select your journey

Choose your departure and arrival stations. You can book a one-way or round-trip ticket.

5. Provide passenger details

Enter the necessary passenger information, including names, contact details, and any other required information.

How to book train online for Lagos, Ibadan, 2023

6. NIN requirement

It’s important to note that your NIN is also required during the booking process.

7. Select train and seats

Pick your desired train and seat(s) based on availability and your preferences.

8. Payment

Once you’ve selected your train and seats, proceed to the payment step. The website will redirect you to a Flutterwave payment portal, where you can use your debit card to complete the transaction.

Final thoughts on how to book train online for Lagos, Ibadan

It’s vital to remain cautious while using the e-ticketing platform. Fraudsters are on a rampage trying to use faux or cloned NRC websites to swindle intending users of the new train station platform. The official website for booking train tickets is https://nrc.gsds.ng

While there have been some initial challenges reported by passengers, it is hoped that these issues will be resolved to provide a more seamless and efficient online booking experience for all travellers.

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