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(A poem for all those going through difficult times)

(A poem for all those going through difficult times)

I Love This, I Hope It Lighting Your Day?
(A poem for all those going through difficult times)


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Mama said said a man must grow
through what he goes through,
though the journey looks farther
and dreams are deferred,
a man must never lose sight of his dreams,
nor be swayed by ephemeral circumstances.

when your clan swells with wealth,
and your gutters flush with plenty,
mammoth and butterflies
will perch at every flower in your garden
but none will help clean the mess
when the flood ebbs

The year is fast ending
and dreams and goals have not been attained
but do you think of those who attained theirs
in the grave
or those who lost their voices to the winds that harboured shadows?

a man must never rise above the power of his chi
so said the preacher
but a man must remember
benevolent spirits only crack the kernels of those
who are ready

friends will go when failure reigns
and crowds will tarry when success beckons
learn to know to quit
and when to press on
for not all roads lead home

wealth is rare so is loyalty
trust is earned so is respect
but a man must never lose himself while building another
nor become a shadow of himself while paying homage to loyalty

the tides are high
but never fail to try
at the end you won’t regret and sigh
when you’re in the moment things will fall into place
but always give in your best in the race
for when you ace
the crowds will sing your praise
Let those who have the wings of eagles soar
travel at your pace, but don’t lose sight of reality,
soon, you too, would arrive.

— Chika Onuu



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