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Bilateral Trade:  Irish, Nigeria To Hold Three-day Partnership Investment Conference 

 Bilateral Trade:  Irish, Nigeria To Hold Three-day Partnership Investment Conference

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As part of efforts to promote bilateral trade relationships between Ireland and Nigeria, a group of professionals and policymakers have perfected a plan to hold a three-day partnership investment conference for development and growth from 27th to 29th October 2023 in Dublin.

Addressing journalists on Monday in Abuja the Chief Executive Officer of Mansions Foods and Executive Convernor INGA, Mrs Edizemi Onilenla (Mamashee) said the conference would focus on industries of aviation, agriculture, technology, education, health and Infrastructure to promote growth and development.

She added that the conference would reawaken the age-long historical ties between Ireland and Nigeria through business discussions, collaborations, networking and partnerships.
Edizemi explained that the three-day business gathering that would focus on bringing together entrepreneurs, captains of industries, and government agencies together to initiate a conversation on short, medium and long-term trade investment opportunities for Nigeria and the Republic of Ireland.

According to her ” One of the objectives of the conference is to identify barriers and challenges, such as; the operation of direct flights between Nigeria and Ireland despite inherent numerous advantages.

” Thus, it is to initiate discussions on how to achieve a bilateral trade agreement between the two countries and most especially to discuss how the diaspora can be a progressive instrument of change in achieving successful business networks and enduring trade ties between the two countries.

” Nigeria, as the population and economic powerhouse of Africa is an attraction for many Irish investors who are looking for new grounds to break. The conference will therefore showcase the good qualities of both countries, the power of collaboration, partnership and networking for old and emerging CEOs. Over the years, Nigerian people have looked towards the UK, France, Asia, the US and Canada.

” It is time to spread our tentacles and expand our horizon to the opportunities that abound in the Irish space and to begin to look seriously into building good trade relationships with Ireland and the Irish people, with the intent to re-invigorate the age-long historical ties between the two countries that are virtually almost lost. We can proudly recall the Guinness and Irish investments in the Nigerian education system in the past.

” The proposed conference intends to re-awaken these ties and build to sustainable bilateral trade partnership that would be mutually beneficial. It is also good to know that the Nigerian population in Ireland is growing rapidly, with the youths taking up strategic positions in FinTech industries, music, education, arts and human resources. It is hoped that the conference will accord them rooms to expand their horizons to explore and annex the opportunities that abound both in Nigeria and in Ireland”.

She said the participants would have a chance to foster cultural exchange and understanding between the two nations and showcase the rich heritage and vibrant culture of both Ireland and Nigeria to provide a platform for participants to appreciate the diverse perspectives and experiences that exist.

Edizemi, a thriving Nigerian entrepreneur based in Ireland would pave the way for greater economic collaboration between Ireland and Nigeria.

“As someone who has experienced the challenges and successes of doing business in both countries, I am confident that this conference will open doors to new opportunities and strengthen the ties that already exist.”

” To register for the Irish Nigeria Partnership for Development and Growth Business Conference or to learn more about the event, please visit”. She added.



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