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CBN, FAAN: Stop politicising government policies, stop heating the polity – Yoruba Welfare Group

CBN, FAAN: Stop politicising government policies, stop heating the polity - Yoruba Welfare Group

CBN, FAAN: Stop politicising government policies, stop heating the polity – Yoruba Welfare Group

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A socio-cultural organisation, Yoruba Welfare Group has urged Nigerians to stop politicising administrative policies and heating the polity by playing on primordial sentiments.

The Group noted that at this critical time in Nigeria, all hands should be on deck to assist the government, saying instead of causing distractions, what is needed by the government is cooperation and understanding

YWG President, Comrade Abdulhakeem Adegoke Alawuje, In a release made available to journalists on Monday, said it is better for the country to sustain the existing cordial but delicate relationship between the North and South rather than fanning the ember of hatred among the populace.

“We must know that, according to the explanation of the CBN, the government spokesperson and former CBN governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, it is obvious that Tinubu has nothing against the North, but the enemy of progress is at work.

“Central Bank has become an ATM for some set of people and this is not limited to a particular ethnic, political or religious group.

“Mr President should do whatever he can to stop this mess. Let’s give him a free hand and support him to the hemorrage of the CBN.

The truth is, those who are not happy with many of Mr President’s appointments are refusing to see the good work of the government via the appointees. Hence, they must fault with every move. They are ready to condemn or criticise any step taken by the president.

“Those who pride themselves as government critics and who want to be critical of government policies shouldn’t clad their criticisms with the toga of tribalism. Let’s take it easy, we can collectively condemn what is bad and commend the good things without infusing sentiments into them.

“We know the real Northern leaders and these leaders know how to identify Northern interests and claim their due rights. However, while the real Northern leaders are busy meeting and strategising on how to put a stop to the security challenges in all parts of the region, the agents of thieves and the patrons of the looters are trying to stop the government from removing the feeding bottle from their mouths.

“The recent outburst of some so-called political leaders, who are hiding under the banner of ethnicity must therefore be handled properly. Real political watchers know that a mere administrative move by the Central Bank of Nigeria to move a single department to Lagos and the relocation of an agency of the Ministry of Aviation from Abuja can never be against the interest of the North. Unfortunately, the opposition is fiddling with the sentiments of ignorant Nigerians.

“We must stop polluting the atmosphere for ulterior motives or to score cheap political goals. Nigerians must realise that the outcome of injecting ethnicity into politics to disconnect us via tribal propaganda is a very dangerous trend that does no one any good, except the sharks and the hawks in the corridors of power.

“Nigerians must beware of the political scavengers and stop them from triggering ethnic crisis. We must all realise that authorities are only working to make things difficult for looters who are fleecing the country. Expectedly, the looters are not expected to be happy with the good move.

“We are not unaware that the opposition, as well as the disgruntled elements in the ruling party, are trying to take advantage of the changes by sponsoring the critics; but is it not better to act fast and nip in the board, future corruption cases with the EFCC rather than repeat the tradition of the apex bank, which often throws up corruption cases in CBN at end of the tenure of every president. For instance, the immediate past Governor of CBN, Godwin Emefiele recently reportedly refunded four trillion Naira to the nation’s treasury. The trend must stop now. Looters must be taken away from their comfort zone.

“Meanwhile, the emergency critics should be reminded that Abuja does not belong to any region, it is the Capital of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“Tinubu is renowned as a completely detribalised Nigeria who respects and regards the North and cannot be rubbished by any rapacious politicians who are masquerading as critics.

“So, for those who always cry wolf when there is none, and for those who do allege discrimination whenever decisions or policies do not favour them, they shall be held responsible should their mischievous criticisms lead to sectional or tribal conflagration.

“We in the Yoruba Welfare Group shall continuously resist political elites from polluting the minds of Nigerians against favourable government policies, but which do not favour the elite.

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