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Changes in Newspaper Cover Prices

Changes in Newspaper Cover Prices

Changes in Newspaper Cover Prices

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With effect from January 2, 2024, members of the Newspaper Proprietors’ Association of Nigeria (NPAN), will effect changes in the cover prices of their newspaper titles.

Our association took this difficult decision after a careful review of the current economic situation and our members’ production costs.

In the last few years, inflation and the devaluation of the naira have had very serious negative effects on our members’ production costs and eaten deeply into their profit margins.

Nevertheless, our members retained the current cover prices for over four years, while inflation more than doubled within the same period.

We acknowledge that the negative effects of the tough economic climate are felt by our readers. It is for this reason that publishers have borne the brunt of high production costs for the last four years without adjusting cover prices.

We hope that this price increase will meet with the understanding of our readers even as we continue to do our best to take advantage of technology and better collaboration amongst publishers to improve the quality of our products.

Thank You

Feyi Smith
Executive Secretary.

We do everything possible to supply quality news and information to all our valuable readers day in, day out and we are committed to keep doing this. Your kind donation will help our continuous research efforts.

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