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Children, not blessings but liabilities — Blessing CEO

Children, not blessings but liabilities — Blessing CEO

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Blessing Okoro, popularly known as Blessing CEO, has explained that children are not blessings but liabilities.

The controversial relationship expert stated this in a viral video on social media.

In the video, which was sighted by newsmediang.con Online on NaijaPr’s Twitter platform, the social media influencer stated that it is devilish to bring children into the world without the means to raise and care for them.

According to her, aspiring parents should ensure they are capable of providing for a child before considering giving birth to one.

She emphasized that intending parents should refrain from having children until they are sure they are financially ready to meet the responsibilities that come with it.

She said, “Children are not blessings, they are liabilities, if you know you cannot afford to train them, do not bring them to this world to suffer, close your legs.’’

However, the video has generated reactions from social media users who have taken to the X-app to criticize her claims.


Reacting, a Twitter user @fourish007 wrote, “Blessing CEO is becoming a concern and needs urgent medical attention. Children are blessings from God. Let’s keep an eye on her.”

Similarly, @special_blessing tweeted, “Blessing, you don’t have to voice everything you think. It’s wise to keep some thoughts to yourself. If you’re not wise, please refrain from speaking.”


“Children become liabilities when you’re not mentally prepared to have them. Please keep your advice to yourself.” @toboguduDaniel



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