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Cholera outbreak: Avoid Locally Made kunu, Zobo, Fruit Juice – Minister Warns Nigerians

Cholera outbreak: Avoid Locally Made kunu, Zobo, Fruit Juice – Minister Warns Nigerians


Amid the widespread occurrence of cholera in some parts of Nigeria, the federal government has advised Nigerians to avoid locally produced beverages like kunu, zobo, and fura to prevent the disease.
Iziaq Salako, the Minister of State for Environment, issued this recommendation in a statement released in Abuja on Monday, June 24.

As contained in the statement, Salako urged Nigerians to adopt preventive measures, including maintaining a clean environment and properly disposing of waste in designated areas.

“Ensure the use of clean and safe water. Water from suspicious sources should be well boiled or treated by adding one pack of chlorine solution to 100 parts.
“Avoid locally prepared drinks like kunu, zobo, fura da nono, koko, fruit juice among others except it is certain that the preparation was done hygienically and safely.

“Wash hands regularly with soap under running water, especially after using the toilet, cleaning a child who has gone to the toilet, before preparing food, before and after eating, and after playing with animals,” he said.

He also urged State and Local Governments to increase monitoring of environmental health standards at all establishments where food and beverages are sold across the country.

These places include markets, service stations, schools, restaurants, stadiums, religious venues, and sporting events.
Salako emphasised that these measures are crucial in preventing the further spread and transmission of cholera and will contribute significantly to its prevention and control.

He also called upon all Commissioners for Environment and Local Government Chairpersons to support environmental health officers in intensifying sanitation and hygiene through enhanced community-led sanitation initiatives.

Furthermore, he emphasised the importance of strengthening collaboration with health authorities and other stakeholders, aligning with the federal government’s “one health” approach.
In another development, the Ministry of Water Resources and Sanitation led by Professor Joseph Terlumun Utsev has been lauded for its effective implementation of President Bola Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda.

The Asiwaju Core-Supporters Network made this commendation in a statement signed by its President, Engr. Ademola S. Adedeji. The Pro-Tinubu group said the Minister has embraced innovative solutions to address water scarcity and climate change. Adedeji further hailed Utsev for aligning with international best practices and leveraging cutting-edge technology to optimise water use and promote agricultural productivity.

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