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Cholera Outbreak: How to Avoid Being a Victim 

Cholera Outbreak: How to Avoid Being a Victim

Cholera outbreak

Cholera is a deadly infection caused by a bacteria called vibrio cholerae. This bacteria is found in human faeces and in contaminated water and seafood.
When one is infected with cholera, he starts to have a runny stomach (diarrhea) and this makes him lose water from the body too fast and can lead to death.

It is not strange that Lagos is now having an outbreak of Cholera. Open defecation is too serious in Lagos and neighbouring towns in Ogun State. The other day I was going to Apapa through Oshodi, and I saw how Oshodi had turned to the toilet for touts and miscreants who inhabit under the bridge. You see poo poo at various stages of decay. Some are fresh and some are dried up. The bacteria that causes cholera dwell in these faeces and can be washed into the lagoon, the source of our local fish supply and can also filter into our water supplies.

Also around the Kara Bridge on the Lagos Ibadan Expressway near Ojodu/Berger, human faeces litter everywhere along the Expressway divide. It is too bad. You also find this development at the Mowe bus stop area on Lagos Ibadan Expressway. At places like this, you find petty traders hawking foods such as fried pork, egg roll, fish roll, buns, and other snacks as well as fruits and veges. Most of these foods do not require washing or heating before eating. As a matter of fact, they are foods people just buy and eat immediately.

Imaging buying an egg roll exposed on a tray at Mowe, Kara, Oshodi and places like this where human faeces reign supreme in the open. It is a direct sentence to cholera infection! There is evidence of cholera dispersing through the air. Be careful. Mind what you eat. Mind where you buy your food and how you eat it.

What to do

Ensure your water is boiled before drinking if you’re not using bottled water. Be careful of the pure water brands you consume. Make sure it is a trusted brand.

Don’t buy foods that require no washing or cooking before eating them that are exposed. Don’t buy corn, egg rolls etc from dirty vendors who don’t keep their food in show glasses. Be mindful of places where you buy these types of food that require no washing or cooking.

Cook your foods well, especially fish before eating them.

Make sure your children’s water at school is safe as well. You can provide their water from the one prepared at home.
Wash your fruits well before eating them.
Wash your veges before using them and cook them well enough for what they are.
Fry your garri before soaking them to eat. Yes o,, you hear me well.

Re-fry your garri before you soak it to eat. This will also save your family from possible Lassa fever attacks. We have been doing this in my house for the last 14 years and that is since I started raising my family.

Before I end this article, let me harp again on the importance of clean drinking water. If you can make your water safe from vibrio cholerae, then you can be 95% safe from cholera.

Written by
Samson Echenim
Journalist based in Lagos.

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