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Criticisms trail Viral Story Claiming 62%  of Nigerians think the Nation is progressing under President Tinubu

Criticisms trail Viral Story Claiming 62%  of Nigerians think the Nation is progressing under President Tinubu

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Some Nigerians on X, previously known as Twitter, have criticised a viral story claiming that 62% of Nigerians think that the nation is progressing under President Bola Tinubu’s government.

Nigerian Tweeps Condemn Report Saying 62% Of Nigerians See Country Moving Forward Under Tinubu Despite Economic Hardship

A survey conducted by CMC Connect LLP, a Lagos-based public perception consulting and strategic communication firm, in partnership with Analysts Data Services and Resources (ADSR), reported that 62 per cent of Nigerians believed the country will move forward under the administration of President Tinubu.

The firms said a total of 1,714 participants across the country’s six geopolitical zones took part in the survey and shared their opinions and views concerning the first 60 days of Tinubu’s administration.

The report reads: “38% do not see the country moving forward under the current administration, while 62% do.

“By and large, respondents are less satisfied with the first 60 days of the current administration, but they are more optimistic about the country moving forward under the current administration.”

Reacting to the survey, many Nigerians raised doubt about its credibility. They claimed that the present socio-economic challenges they have been facing since the inauguration of Tinubu in May are so enormous for anyone to opine that the country is moving forward under the current set of leaders.

An X user, Chibuzoo described the survey as mere propaganda the government is using to deceive the masses.

He wrote: “62% of Nigerians like Tinubu regime is idiotic, this is one of the signs to know that this government without a cabinet has nothing to offer. In less than 80 days you are already running propaganda, you can’t propaganda your way to good policies. This fuel issue is bitting hard.”

“Let us be fearing God in all we do ehn. How can one conduct a survey using 1,714 people as a sample size from an actual population of 200m or more and conclude that 62% of Nigerians are happy with the current happenings? A statistically dead survey is what was conducted,” another user, Seye C. Ogun said.

According to Ojadike, it is obvious that the survey was rigged because 62% of the people interviewed could not all have agreed to deception.

The user said, “Let me also bring to your notice that the ‘so-called’ survey was rigged. 62% of Nigerians can’t be blind and foolish at the same time.”

“62% of Nigerians is 124m, Deceptive,” another user, Chukwuma Nwokoye claimed.

Mayowa Olagunju condemned the survey, saying the recent hikes in petrol prices in the country would not make people believe that the country is doing better since the inauguration of Tinubu.

He said, “62% of Nigerians see the country moving forward under Tinubu despite economic hardship. When I saw the tweet I was laughing, plz who are 62% of Nigerians? When some people wake to fuel price of N700 naira.”

Sir David Onyemaizu also wrote: “62% of Nigerians believe that Tinubu’s administration will be better? The same Nigerians that have resorted to trekking due to the inflated transport fares?

“Same Nigerians that can’t afford to use their cars because of the ever-increasing cost of PMS?

“Same Nigerians that can’t afford three square meals due to hyper-inflated prices of food items?

“Same Nigerians that barely scrape by on a $30 minimum wage going by the current exchange rate of 940/$?

“You can’t propaganda your way to good policies. You certainly can’t use stupid media antics to gain the heart of the people when there’s so much economic hardship while you keep enriching yourselves to the detriment of the masses. 60% Nigerians my foot.”




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