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Dangote Refinery: Tinubu Renewed Hope is Real, Do not join enemies of the land to fight him – Alawuje urges Nigerians

Dangote Refinery: Tinubu Renewed Hope is Real, Do not join enemies of the land to fight him – Alawuje urges Nigerians

On Wednesday, Nigerians were jolted by the news of the burning of Dangote refinery in what looks like a sabotage. Dangote had few days to the unfortunate incident raised an alarm about the gang up of the International Oil Companies (OICs) against the success of the venture to make Nigeria independent of foreign refined oil.

We understand the situation at hand. Those who destroyed the previous governments for personal gains and aggrandisement are still fully around and well positioned to destroy the present one. They are the oil mafia, Health mafia, political scavengers and so on. Unfortunately, Nigerians are ignorantly working with and helping those who stole away our present and the future heritage.

Many Nigerians would not mind to collude with the enemies within and outside the country to sell their heritage or even put their father’s house on fire just because they hate the country or the person occupying the seat of the president. They simply wish to say, “after all, we told you he will not succeed”.

Ignorantly and innocently joining the mafias to fight Tinubu or the country will be a very costly error. We cannot afford to embarrass the president who gives endorsement to all citizens, irrespective of ethnic religious, and political affiliations. How do we orchestrate a warfare against a president who struggles day and night to reposition the dilapidated economy in the overall interest of all.

Tinubu is human and cannot be perfect but lashing on his human errors to embarrass him ultimately embarrasses the nation. And that will not only be wickedness but foolishness on our path.

Nigerians who are seizing the opportunity of economic downturn to unleash hardship on their fellow citizens should fear God. Whatever we do to ourselves negatively may not necessarily affect Tinubu as president. We will all suffer the consequences. Farmers, traders, private and corporate sectors should beware.

Without doubt, Tinubu’s aspiration is to rescue Nigerians, unfortunately those he gave access and who know his weaknesses are the same people working against him. After all, we all witnessed how a number of his boys rose against him ahead of the 2023 general election with many needless battles.

My fellow Nigerians, indeed, Tinubu Renewed Hope agenda is real, and for sure, the present challenges will soon disappear with time, just as the previous ones did not last.

He who drives a car with mouth (theoretically) can never involve in road mishaps, until he practically occupies the driver’s seat. Tinubu is presently in the driver’s seat, let’s support him to drive us to the promised land successfully.

Ruling a nation like Nigeria is beyond theoretical calculations, it needs God intervention, leader’s competence and citizen’s support. Absence of any of these factors may abandon us in the wilderness for long, God forbid.

Tinubu has all the ingredients of a good leader. He is courageous, competent and determined, we only need to add our own inputs to assist him in other to succeeded in rescuing the nation.

Let it be said that Alawuje warned of the necessity of our (citizens) support for a competent and courageous leader like Tinubu. History will surely bear me witness.

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