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El-rufai and Security Clearance: Who is fooling who here?

El-rufai and Security Clearance: Who is fooling who here?

The report that some stakeholders and DSS petitioned against   El-rufai, hence, his rejection by the Senate is too unintelligent and distasteful.

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President Bola Ahmed Tinubu withdrew the nomination of El-rufai because the former FCT Minister is a character that does not take a no for an answer.

It is common knowledge that El-rufai is not a bootlicker. He is not a YES SIR person, he won’t be a sycophant and he will always speak truth to power.

The new mafia in Aso  pressurized the President to block the clearance of El-rufai because they won’t be able to control him.

Were there no petitions against El-rufai before he was nominated? Mr. President was just being smart here. El-rufai is no longer wanted in the cabinet by Mr. President. A Senate that approved the nomination of someone who obviously forged his NYSC certificate?

Hear the President “Nasir, there are petitions against you from the DSS and some stakeholders, I will review them and take a decision within the next 24 hours.”

Who is fooling who here?

Trust El-rufai, he told the President to his face: “Your Excellency, I am no longer interested.”

Without the likes of El-rufai, Abdullahi Adamu would have enthroned the immediate past Senate President, Lawan as APC Presidential Candidate and heaven would not fall.

El-rufai was resolute all through – IT IS POWER TO THE SOUTH!

When Tinubu needed to package himself before the UK, the US and the UN, El-rufai was a good man.

When Governors in the south were acting like kindergarten pupils, the person that could summon the courage to tackle the Central Government on the infamous naira redesign policy was El-rufai before others joined the train.

The way El-rufai was rubbished will definitely boomerang. These guys will respond when the time comes, and their reactions shall be spontaneous.



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