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Enough is enough – Gov Mbah vows as he storms Nimbo over herdsmen killings

Enough is enough – Gov Mbah vows as he storms Nimbo over herdsmen killings

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Governor of Enugu State, Dr Peter Mbah, has described the recent attack that resulted in the death of four natives in Nimbo as unacceptable to his administration, vowing that enough was enough, as the government would track down and bring the attackers to book.
The attack, which occurred late Sunday evening, claimed the lives of about four residents, many others were critically injured.

Mbah described the attack as a collective tragedy to the entire state, assuring that the government would work with community and security stakeholders to strengthen security not only in Nimbo but also in the entire Uzo Uwani LGA.

This was even as the Nimbo community called for the strengthening of its Forest Guards and Neighbourhood Watch, stressing that their attackers always came from neighbouring states, taking advantage of the remoteness of their community.

An enraged Mbah spoke during a visit to the Nimbo community on Monday, accompanied by the state’s Commissioner of Police, Mr Kanayo Uzuegbu; State Director, State Security Services, Theresa Egbunu; Garrison Commander, 82 Division, Nigerian Army, Enugu, Brigadier General Murtala Abu; and Coordinator of Enugu State Forest Guards, Matthew Obodoechi.
He said: “Let me assure you that enough is enough. I don’t think that we would allow our hospitality to be taken for granted. We expect people, who have come to mingle with us, to also play by the rules and laws of our land.

“I don’t think that we really do have any reason to exist as a government if we cannot guarantee the safety of our people because the primary purpose of government is to guarantee the security and the welfare of its citizens. So, a situation where our people would go to bed with their two eyes open must end. And it must end immediately.

“I want to assure you that we are going to deploy everything within our powers; and I mean everything: the law, the forces, everything that is necessary for us to guarantee your security.
“We are truly pained by such dastardly killing by people who trespass, come into the locality of our people, who are living quietly within their environment, and open fire on them. That is inexcusable and unacceptable, and we are going to identify, track these culprits, pursue them wherever they are, capture them, and ensure that we bring them to justice.”

Governor Mbah, who had earlier visited and condoled each of the bereaved families before holding an interactive session with the community leaders and members, promised to work on their recommendations and requests for representation in government and strengthening of their local security resources.

“We have listened to you on the issues you raised about making sure that the people of Nimbo are integrated into government. We are going to do just that. Your voice has been heard.

“I also would want to inform you that we shall not abandon you in this time of need. Going forward, the government will be responsible for the victims who are being treated, including those going back to the orthopaedic hospital. We will bear the cost.
“All the survivors of victims of this dastardly act, we are going to ensure that their suffering is abated. We are going to make sure that the kids do not suffer any more than they have already suffered by losing a father. We will ensure that they go to school through our scholarships and for those who need jobs, we are going to give them jobs.

“But more importantly, let it be known that enough is enough, and we will never have to go through this again,” Mbah said.
Meanwhile, speaking on behalf of the community earlier, the President-General of Nimbo, Mr Clement Akachukwu, said their attackers had preyed on their community for decades due to the remoteness of Nimbo.

While thanking Governor Mbah for his prompt response, he called on the government to strengthen the Nimbo Neighbourhood Watch and Forest Guards to complement the security agencies. He called for the inclusion of the community in government appointments, as they had no voice in government.

“You can see for yourself that Nimbo is living on the outskirts of Enugu State. We live directly in the border area, and they come in any time and kill and go back.
“It has repeated itself again and now, not only one person, but four were killed. About two months ago, they kidnapped several people, but they were rescued, although the kidnappers escaped. It has been like this for years, even before I was born.
“So, we only need one thing. We have community vigilantes. If only they can be strengthened and if more can be brought and paid well to do the work because we need 24-hour vigilance here.

These attackers know all the routes in the villages and bushes so well. We need our local vigilantes to be strengthened because they can match them. The width and length of our farmlands are so massive” Akachukwu stated.

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