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Fish out the Perpetrators of the Aba Killing – Tinubu Orders Military 

Fish out the Perpetrators of the Aba Killing – Tinubu Orders Military

President Bola Tinubu has ordered the Nigerian army to go all out to smoke out the masterminds of soldier killing at Aba recently. The president made this order while through a release over the incident.

The president condemned the act of killing the soldiers on National duties of protesting life and property.

Read his full massage: 

I have yet received another disheartening news of the killing of five soldiers by suspected militants of the proscribed terrorist organization, IPOB.

The slain soldiers were on peacekeeping duty in Aba, Abia State on Thursday when they were murdered, just two months after a similar tragic incident happened in Okuama in Delta state.

These unwarranted barbaric and evil acts stand condemned and should never be condoned and tolerated in our country.

Our soldiers and the police have the onerous duty to protect all of us from aggressors and non state actors. Hundreds of them have paid the ultimate price in fulfilment of their duty, while some have experienced the indignity of being manhandled by the people they protect.

They surely do not deserve the mindless attacks by unruly elements in our society.

The federal government will come down heavily against those who have made it a habit to needlessly attack the officers and men of our armed forces.

On no account should anyone, under any guise, have the audacity to kill agents of state.

I want to make it clear that the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the armed forces have the capacity to crush violent non-state actors, making our communities unsafe.

I urge security agencies not only to fish out the masterminds and perpetrators of the Aba attack but also those calling on people to stay at home. Their action is nothing but a treasonable offence.

The fact that the security forces are exercising necessary restraints should not be mistaken for weakness.

We are working to build a peaceful and harmonious society, but nobody should be under any illusion that the government will not act appropriately when the lives of our officers and men are wantonly taken.

While my condolences go to the families of the five slain soldiers, their colleagues and the leadership of our armed forces, I urge other men and women on peacekeeping duty not to be discouraged by the unfortunate incident in Aba.


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