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Around December 2017, when my wife came to attend my sister’s wedding, she told me that God showed her that a big drama was about to happen.

A few days later, I was in the house with her when I heard a knock on the door.
When I opened it, it was one of my Exes. My wife-to-be already knew her (she saw her pictures on my phone) so she quietly excused herself from the room.

I quickly stood by the door and asked how I could be of help. She begged that she just wanted to talk, that I should please let her in..that was the biggest mistake I made.

Immediately she got inside, she quickly grabbed the key, locked the door from behind, kept the key inside her pocket and changed her tone and began premium violence…haa, e shocked me.

I didn’t even see this coming from this particular person because we have not communicated for months and she was the one who called the relationship off herself.
I even pleaded with her to come back but she insisted and swore in God’s name that she was done with me.
Tor, as I come to move on with my life, I no know to say e go still vex her.

She looked around and saw my wife’s Android phone on the rug where I was charging it and she stepped on it and broke the screen to pieces. She scattered the room and threw away the speakers of my music player. She saw hot water that I was boiling to bathe, and she quickly carried it and turned it on my head, thank God the water had not boiled, she would have used hot water to bleach my skin to artificial albino.
She kept on saying it was either she killed me or I killed her. Well, neither of those was okay for me, so I had to keep my cool and find a way to protect myself and also stop her from killing herself in my house…I do want to go to jail against

She knew where I used to keep the knife, and she reached for it, but fortunately for me (and unfortunately for her ), the knife was outside. She saw an empty Coca-Cola bottle and she broke it against the wall and took a piece of it to stab me. She aimed directly for my chest, the part where my heartbeat is…hmm…OBINRIN.

I tried to dodge but the broken bottle landed directly on my left upper arm. The bottle cut me so deep that I could see my humerus (upper arm bone) outside. The exposed internal part was white for a few seconds as if it wouldn’t bleed…then boom…blood started rushing out.

Meanwhile, my wife and neighbours were outside, struggling with the door, trying to break it open but it was a metal door. Breaking it wasn’t easy.

After so much rumble, I was able to grab the hand she used to hold the bottle and snatch the bottle from her hand, then I removed the key from her pocket and opened the door.

People rushed inside and started trying to calm her down. They asked her why she wanted to kill me. She was like “Just like that oo, I even dumped him myself”.
One mama was shocked to hear that. She was like “Na you break up with him, na you still come to fight wan kill am, you sure say you no be witch like this?”

All those they were saying didn’t even concern me. As I was walking out of the room with my clothes drenched in blood, she ran after me and grabbed my right hand and she bit me so hard that she tore my flesh with her teeth. This lady no gree chop beef, na my skin she cut put for the mouth.

I still have the scar of the bite and that of the broken bottle on my hands till now…OBINRIN!

Dear Playboi, take life easy, what if you’re not as lucky as me? No allow make dem waste you oo, your life is precious and Jesus loves you. Fornication can kill you literally and otherwise… Please be guided.

Back to the gist…when the lady had gone, I was expecting my wife to be to enter, grab her bag disappear, and also block my number. Thank God that was the first time we were meeting in person, it would not be so hard to cut me off.

But the way she handled it surprised me. She first rushed me to a nearby clinic because I was losing too much blood.
And honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if she had left me to die a slow and painful death. I was only reaping a well-deserved outcome of my waywardness. So, I do not expect her to show me any mercy.

Of course, she was very angry, embarrassed and disappointed. But she kept aside all the hurt and ensured I got treated first.

When we got back home, she was giving attitude but she didn’t stop taking care of me.

Indeed, I am not only lucky to have her, I am blessed. If someone sees me behaving like her house boy now, they will say I have eaten love portion and a woman is controlling me…hmm, that woman has risked many things for my sake o.

This is not the end of the story sha, we’ll pick it up from here tomorrow.

©John Adesogan

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