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I Wouldn’t Disclose Senators Salaries on TV – Senate Spokesperson 

I Wouldn’t Disclose Senators Salaries on TV – Senate Spokesperson

Senate’s spokesperson, Yemi Adaramodu, has reused to disclose the earnings of lawmakers in the Nigeria’s National Assembly.

Adaramodu,  a former House of Reps member,  represents Ekiti South Senatorial District declined  from providing this information as a guest on Channels TV Politics Today on Sunday. Rather, he said the interviewer should investigate and disclose the earnings to Nigerians.

Below are details of the interview.

Anchor: How much does an average Senator go home with, in a month. It’s a direct question so give a direct answer.

Senate Spokesperson: Yes, it’s a direct question and I will give you a direct answer. The direct answer I will give you is that if I tell you it’s ten naira, you will not believe it. You are a journalist, there is Freedom of Information Act, go and use it and find out and show the evidence openly to Nigerians so that no Senator or House of Reps person will come here and deny it.

That is the best way to get it.

Anchor: It’s not as if we do not have a number but you are the one earning it. It’s not a combat, it’s just a simple question. Your money is public money, just give us a figure. How much do you earn?

Senate Spokesperson: He who asserts must prove. My brother, my brother when something becomes controversial, the third party which you are, you have to establish the truth. Please use that Act, get to it and just present it to Nigerians, and not spurious allegations.

Anchor: I don’t want to belabour the issue, we don’t know that’s why I am asking you. You are the Spokesperson of the Senate so it’s within your rights to help us know the things we don’t know.

Senate Spokesperson: You cannot bring an offender to the Court and start asking that offender to provide you with the evidence. So you have brought the offender which is the National Assembly and you now want him to provide you with evidence. How is that possible? The evidence he is going to provide is the evidence that will support his own story.

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