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Kano State Judgment: President Tinubu has not done anything in support of ANPP or against his own party, APC – Tinubu support group.

Kano State Judgment: President Tinubu has not done anything in support of ANPP or against his party, APC – Tinubu support group.

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The national coordinator of the Tinubu support group under the auspices of Disciples of Jagaban, DOJ, Comrade Abdulhakeem Adegoke Alawuje, has called on Nigerians to be calm and focused.

Kano S/C judgment: Count Tinubu out of it. Tinubu is president of APC, LP, ANPP and other parties. He is president to all irrespective of tribal or religious affiliations. Disregard rumours of betrayal on the part of the president- Alawuje said.

I have been inundated with several calls and text messages from friends and associates who felt dissatisfied with the Kano State Supreme Court Judgment. They wanted me to make an informed comment on it, but unfortunately, I was not in good condition to respond then.

I am very sorry for the delay.

To start with, President Tinubu whom we all know is a very passionate party man who would do everything within the ambit of the law to preserve the relevance and survival of his party. He nurtures. He develops and grows structures. Yet, he is a very astute Democrat who would do anything to preserve the rule of law and constitutional legitimacy even as a leader. He doesn’t cut corners. He plays by the rules when he has the power to manipulate the process. Such an individual could not have compromised the judiciary for the ultimate triumph of his party in all the cases of eight states decided by the Supreme Court far, Kano inclusive.

President Tinubu felt the pain of his party’s loss in Kano more than anyone but there was nothing he could do about it.

He may be silent and that is more honourable of a national leader and father to all. This doesn’t mean he is satisfied with it as a party man but at the same time, he is the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He needs all and all need him.

Tinubu has not done anything to sabotage the victory of Kano APC or support Kano state ANPP as has been insinuated in some quarters. How could he have done that?
Let us be guided. I understand how we feel but let us take it as decisions of the Almighty Allah.

It is painful anyway, but no one has any right to challenge the judgment of the supreme court of the land. If we attempt to meddle in the independence of the court, we are gradually inviting anarchy which we don’t pray for.

If there is anything Tinubu could have done he would have done it in favour of APC but let’s remind ourselves, the judiciary is an independent arm of government, which no one can influence.

Let our people and leaders in the Disciples of Jagaban, Kano chapter and the entire APC leaders and supporters be calm. Almighty Allah has better options for us.

For those who think Tinubu is going to be biased out all the cases at the Supreme Court have been saying this times without numbers. Tinubu is an astute democrat, not a desperate politician, like many other other aspirants. Those who vividly follow the trajectory of his political school of thought would bear me witness.

I have also said it before. It will take other opposition leaders decades to enrol in Tinubu’s political school of thought before any of them can brag when Tinubu is talking.

Kano State’s political landscape is very delicate and complex. The power play in Kano is second to none in all our states in the country. It takes someone who is exceptionally circumspect to navigate such an enlightened and highly sophisticated political entity. Tinubu’s ability to perfectly control himself about the Kano state loss to the opposition made him the strongest and the staunchest democrat in the length and breadth of this country.

Disciples of Jagaban will take the lead to come and address his fellow members in Kano very soon. We have to disregard all the fabricated rumours. President Tinubu can not toy with Kano statutes and can swear with everything. We should not allow any propaganda to disconnect us.

As we are all innocent until the Court finds us guilty, in politics we are guilty until we prove ourselves innocent.

Tinubu being quite after the Supreme Courtdgment is his role of being father and president to all.

Anyway, the struggle continues until success is achieved. It will be unsavoury to some of us who moved from one state to another meeting with the grassroots, youths and masses to convince them that Tinubu’s coming will be the foundation of good governance and a way of liberating Nigeria and Nigerians if the issue is not laid to rest.

I am using this opportunity to tell the entire Disciples of Jagaban and the world not to relent, especially those who committed everything for the success of this government. We are facing two different responsibilities: The support of Mr President against the hands of dangerous oppositions and the renewing the hope of those whom we sold the candidature of Mr President to before the electioneering began, during the campaign and the election.

For that, I appreciate those who called and charted with me from all places in Kano. You are a true democrats and lover of Mr President. You are the true believers in the renewed hope agenda of Mr President. I am very sorry for the delay in my response.

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