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Leave the judiciary alone – Tinubu support group tells Obi

Leave the judiciary alone - Tinubu support group tells Obi

Leave the judiciary alone – Tinubu support group tells Obi

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How best can one describe the recent outburst of Peter Obi against the judiciary? I wonder what exactly has happened to this man that he doesn’t bother to tear apart whatever is left of our nation’s cooperate existence. This nation is our own. Our pride. It is greater than Peter Obi’s ambition. If he tears it apart today because he lost in an election, was he the first person to lose in an election in Nigeria? If the losers of years past dismantled this entity, which nation would he have met to contest in an election? Who does Obi think he is? Above the law? I am still waiting for the answer.

Anyway, let me talk to former Governor Peter Obi now:

Being a former governor of Anambra state has not given you the unbridled licence to be misbehaving in public. You are a privileged citizen to have occupied that exalted position. You were not the best in your state. You should just thank God for that opportunity. What I know is that such a position of authority should refine an individual. Unfortunately, you and your co-travellers have derailed.

I have called on the Labour Party presidential candidate Gregory Peter Obi and his frustrated team to stop parading themselves as patriotic Nigerians.

It would have been a serious tragedy of the century for this nation if people like you became the president, especially at this critical period of ours.

How do you think and conclude that you would be declared the winner of an election you came third in? Yet, you continued your shenanigans and you thought some of us would keep quiet to allow someone like you to destroy the fabric of our existence as a country? A country that belongs to all of us?

What has the judiciary done wrong to you?

You claimed you had a mandate. You approached the court to seek redress. I you didn’t believe in the judiciary who sent you to complain to them? They invited you to prove your point beyond a reasonable doubt, but you failed woefully. You could have thought the court is Father Christmas who would dash you undeserving victory. Then you should be living in a fool’s paradise. What exactly have you made of your Yes DADDY exploit? Were you not the chosen one? Why did you stoop low to self-help? Why don’t you wait for the divine favour to attain the position if truly you are as religious as you want us to believe?

Nigerians will surely remind you if you have forgotten. Without the judiciary, you wouldn’t have been a governor even within the same religious and ethnic circle. Neither religion nor ethnicity helped you to become the governor. If the outcome of the recent litigations was in your favour, then the judiciary would have been safe from your vituperations.

Now that it is not in your favour, heaven was let loose. You resulted in casting aspersions and throwing tantrums.

Enough is enough. If your shenanigans continue, the Disciples will take it personally with you. You should be warned.

With that your unguided utterances, you assumed the position of a Goliath and you forget how David destroyed his evil majesty within a short time of confrontation.

I have said before that Almighty God has decided to save this country called Nigeria from the hands of the Pharaoh emissaries of our time.

This people are not hidden. Their evil agenda against two hundred million Nigerians have come to naught. Yet, they believe our common sense would be manipulated during the general elections.

Nigerians have only two common undisputed enemies:

The ethnic bigots and the religious bigots.

Peter Obi undisputably represents both. He is a dangerous character. Enemy of the State.

It was almost late for Nigerians before the outbursts of some political groups that started mobilising against that unlawful campaign from 2019 till the end of the 2023 general Election.

DOJ sincerely appreciate those groups and others who joined the struggle later.

If Obi decides not to take to civility after the pioneer groups directed by Almighty God have done wonderful work to rescue the entire nation, we will talk sense to his hearing.

Any other public pollution from you, we will not have any other choice than to reduce you to nothing. We will follow you to the extent that some of your immediate family members will start rejecting you.

Why is it that the only people who are good to you are the bigots and sentimental crooks like you?

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