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Man Rejects Offered of N1OM to Drink Garri for 7 Days 

Man Rejects Offered of N1OM to Drink Garri for 7 Days

 Man Rejects Offered of N1OM to Drink Garri for 7 Days

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A Nigerian man has caused a buzz online after rejecting an N10 million offer to drink garri for seven days.

The video shared by a TikTok user named captures the moment a man was asked if he could drink garri for seven days for 10 million naira.

The man’s response was however shocking as he shouted “Never!”. Garri is a popular Nigerian food made from cassava flour.

The man’s refusal to drink garri for seven days has sparked a debate on social media, with many insisting that he didn’t understand the question.

@LORD__S.K__JOV reacted: “The guy self looks like Garri.”

@Creamy_xoxo said:“Someone should explain d question to him pls.”

@Chizoba Queen Chidinma said: “I drink garri for a living and am yet to receive my award.”

@Fearless reacted: “This werey no understand the English.”

@Ejiro blessing reacted: “Wetin I dey drink for free.”

@umarsahal said: “Bring it for 1month I swear.”

@Nureeesha reacted: “E resemble pesin garri ambassador self, na hin e dey form.”

@Becca reacted: “He no understand the question that’s the problem.”

@Jabulani commented: “But I can see a person interviewing a bag of Gari.”

@Expensive Silver: “Sha tell me to do it for 10 good years and give me 10k.”

@William brown said: “What is the meaning of this kind of thing!!?”

@starboystarcan said: “The guy does not understand what you say he thought you told him to choose Garri and leave 10m that’s why he said never.”

@official reacted: “Abeg make them give me 10k.”

@Vmoney commented: “This guy no understand the question oooo.. somebody helps!!!!!”

@Trexxoginni said: “How much for 16 years.”

@geminiqueen_legend commented: “Where dem do this competition abeg. Cos I drink gari for a living make ar win.”

@miltonkutwalk said: “I Will assume he didn’t hear the question clearly.”

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