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Marry me, I will even kneel down for Chioma too”- Lady pleads with Israel

Marry me, I will even kneel down for Chioma too”- Lady pleads with Israel

Marry me, I will even kneel down for Chioma too”- Lady pleads with Israel

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Things just got hotter in the world of celebrity divorces for Israel DMW, Davido’s well-known logistics manager.

A makeup artist named King AnuOluwa  recently threw a wrench into Israel’s already tumultuous marital life.

Despite his ongoing issues with his wife, Sheila Courage, she boldly declared her willingness to marry Israel.


An overjoyed fan didn’t hold back. She openly advised Israel to divorce his wife and instead consider her as a life partner.


She revealed that she was ready to adopt Israel’s way of life, including his devotion to David. She even offered to help Davido’s wife, Chioma, if she was needed.

Regardless of is real frequent absences,  she stated that she was in it for a better life.

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Uncle Israel leave her and date me I’m not any pastor’s daughter I don’t mind if u kneel down for Davido I will even kneel down for Chioma too na me know how my life and ur life change too good forever Abeg marry me… I don’t mind even if u don’t come home 100years I will also be helping Chioma when ever she needs me Abeg”

This drama unfolds against the backdrop of Israel revealing that Sheila left their home for Abuja under suspicious circumstances. This adds more fuel to the fire in their already strained relationship.

Newsmediang reports that Davido’s Logistics Manager, Isreal Afeare, popularly known as Isreal DMW, shared news of the end of his marriage to his wife, Sheila, in an Instagram post on Saturday.

In his detailed account, Isreal DMW revealed that Sheila left their home on August 8, 2023, despite his substantial support since their marriage.

Israel also detailed acts of generosity, such as providing financial support, upgrading her phone, and indulging in shopping sprees for her.

Despite these efforts, he described a shift in Sheila’s behaviour after their wedding, where she sought to impose standards on him, believing she had achieved status as a prominent figure on Instagram.

Additionally, Isreal DMW pointed out that marrying someone from a Christian background and being a virgin did not ensure peace in his case.

He highlighted that his wife accused him of being a slave to his boss, Davido.

He said, “Marrying a lady because you met her during evangelism as a virgin, a pastor’s daughter, a member of the same Winners Chapel church, might not guarantee anything peace at all. Don’t be too eager or quick to trust people. People can change at any time.

“People can be very ungrateful and deceptive. I met Sheila on February 19, 2022. We became friends, which later became intimate.

“She told me she would only lose her virginity to the man that would marry her since her Ugep, Cross River, mother, who’s now 41, had earlier married two different men, with two kids, before marrying her father and that she was overdue at 21 for marriage.

“We fully agreed with her terms and conditions. I immediately upgraded her unkept situation by giving her 300k and replacing her tattered phone of less than 60k with a new iPhone 12 Pro Max of 860k in less than two weeks.

“I later also replaced the 12 Pro Max with a brand 14 Pro Max of 1.2m that she uses to slay. I did a lot of shopping for her.

“Bought her clothes and bags, including expensive human hairs she’s using without sleeping with her then. I later proposed, and she fully accepted. We later did a legal introduction to traditional and white weddings in Benin City.

“Sheila immediately changed by showing her authentic self after our wedding and wanting to set standards for me. She now felt she was blown as Juju’s wife, fully verified on Instagram, with more followers from her earlier struggling 3k followers when I met her.

“A fully sapa girl I met with just 2,700 in her account. I have never raised my hands on her any day. I don’t beat women at all. I respect them so much. The least money for her upkeep was 100k. She now wakes up to tell me that I derive dignity in begging my oga, that I am fully a slave, and that I am disgracing her on social media.

“I had earlier taken her to show same oga for the first time before we wedded when we were in Abuja Transcorp Hilton, and oga asked her straight forward if she was ready for marriage, and she fully answered by saying yes and oga immediately gave her 500k for airtime. Oga was fully present in Benin for my wedding, after cancelling a 140m show appearance. Oga,”

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