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Men Have Pains Too…

Men Have Pains Too…

A woman said to me, ‘It took me years to really know that men cry too. I took my husband for a superhuman. I see him leave the house every day and come back to provide for us. One day as I had left the house and he was at home, I remembered that I needed to take something along, I turned back and headed home. As I got home, I tried going through the back door which was closer to the window of our room. I heard my husband crying like a baby asking God to help me get a job so I could help him fend for the family. He has never complained to me before but that day, I broke down in tears realizing that my husband has held much of his pains alone”.

A young married lady went to her mother and complained that her husband had not always bought things she wanted from him. The mother asked her, ‘How many of those things have you bought for yourself?”. She stayed quiet and said, ‘But he is my husband?”.

The mother replied, ‘Have you ever found out the things your husband wants you to buy for him?”.

Men always try to hide their pains.

A woman was invited to preach at a women’s conference and as she was preaching, she asked all the working-class women to stand out. They humbly did. And she asked them, ‘When you get your salary, how much do you give to your husband as a seed?”. Before your money gets anywhere else, the priest in your life which is your husband should get something from you. Even if he is a rich man, sow seed in his life. Sometimes, we women don’t know that our husbands need something from us”.
Men can be financially broke and pretend to have everything.

Most men are married but they have a lonely life. Sometimes, ask your husband out. Men are not always as busy as women think. You have to understand that your husband has pains and needs too. Don’t judge him by things you want from him.
Men also have emotional needs and problems. Men still cry for love.

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