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My 36-Year-Old Wife celebrates my Impotence –  man tells court 

My 36-Year-Old Wife celebrates my Impotence –  man tells court


A woman of Chazanga, Zambia, who allegedly celebrated because her husband’s manhood stopped functioning, is facing a divorce suit in the local court.

According to Zambia Observer, Marble Jaula, 36, was dragged to court for divorce by her husband, Tembi Jaula, 38.

In his evidence, Tembi told the Matero local court that when he explained to his wife that he was having challenges with his manhood, his wife said that God had finally answered her prayers.

The two have been married for 12 years and blessed with five children, but have been living separately for one year and six months.

Tembi told the court that he suspects his wife has something to do with his problem because of the way she celebrated upon hearing the news.

He told the court that the problem started in their marriage when his wife refused to keep the child he had with another woman.

He stated that he had found a woman who understood his situation and was ready to take care of his other child.

“I don’t love her anymore. I have found someone who understands me and will care for my child,” Tembi said.

Marble admitted to denying the child, but said she told her husband that she was willing to be in a polygamous marriage as long as the other woman took care of the child.

Marble alleged that since they got married, her husband has married four other women to take care of the child but the marriages failed.

Ruling, the magistrate, Miyanda Banda dismissed the case because the bride price was not paid.

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