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My Aunty mocked me because I’m not married.

My Aunty mocked me because I’m not married.

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I am 42 years old, my 2 sisters are married, remaining me and our last sister whose wedding will be coming up in September this year.

Personally, I wasn’t bothered because to me marriage is not the only thing a woman can achieve to be a successful woman. This mindset had kept me worried and I don’t hate on my sisters, I gave them all the support I could during their childbirth and during their marriage ceremonies, and I supported them efficiently.

My mom is an amazing woman, she has never made me feel valueless but my auntie mocked me last month and since that day I feel like opening the ground to enter, she even said my mom doesn’t want to complain about me not being married to my face so I don’t feel bad but she uses to complain to them.
She said I should look for a husband and marry before I send my mom to an early grave.

Sister, I’m I supposed to manufacture husband?
I’m not begging anybody for food to eat or clothes to wear, instead, I’m the one helping them but just because I’m not married they want to make me feel miserable like this.

Okay make una find me husband now
I have asked my auntie if she pays my bills.
I will do something bad to her, sincerely, she made me feel like nothing to ride home about. I just pray God should give me the grace not to hurt her because she has hurt me deeply.

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