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My people, I don Japa – Esther Chukwu 

My people, I don Japa - Esther Chukwu 

My people, I don Japa – Esther Chukwu

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I have lots of stories about my Japa journey but I will write briefly about what happened since I entered the UK.

I got to the UK at the early hours of 7th January 2024, that was 4 days ago. I was held at Heathrow Airport by two immigration officers for more than 4 hours.

They were doing thorough checks and balances . They said there were precedents of Nigerians doing yen yen yen. What I witnessed was first-hand stereotyping thanks to past actions of my fellow country people.

They called all callables and even emailed my professors and employer back home. It was on a Sunday morning and my phones were dead. I wondered who will be replying Work emails and calls on a Sunday morning, but guess what, every one of them they emailed replied and picked their calls.
When they couldn’t find anything to hold me, they apologized and offered me some encouragement and advise.
The devil really worked hard but God worked harder. That was why I came here that day and asked you all to thank God for me.

The next huddle I faced was house hunting in London. I tried searching before I came in but I didn’t see what I liked within my budget. I thought it would be easier when I was here but it was even more difficult than I thought.

I stayed in an Airbnb from 7th to 9th January but later found a good place yesterday.
Now I am fully settled in my apartment. Glory To God!!!.

It’s a fresh start, a new beginning and I pray God crowns all my efforts with Success.

I have just one year to stay in London before I move to my next destination and I want to make it worth it.

Where are all my UK people especially those who reside in London? Your girl is here oO.
Welcome me to your city and give this London JJC some tips and guidance.
Una no go like make I embarrass una abi? Give me orientation, drop tips, and share short stories about life in London and the UK at large. I would really like to read them.

To God be the Glory.

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