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My wife chases me naked on the street, got me arrested while I was preaching in Church – pastor tells Court

My wife chases me naked on the street, got me arrested while I was preaching in Church - pastor tells Court

My wife chases me naked on the street, got me arrested while I was preaching in Church – pastor tells Court

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Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, has adjourned a divorce suit brought before it by a man, David Odeniyi against his wife, Bola Odeniyi, on the grounds of irresponsibility, domestic violence, assault and threat to life.

David, who is a cleric, alleged that his wife disgraced him in public and most especially in front of his congregation.

He added that she was in the habit of fighting him, tearing his clothes and chasing him about in the neighbourhood, naked.

According to David, Bola injected him with poison and later got him arrested by the police while he was preaching on the altar.

The plaintiff explained that the defendant had tarnished his image in their neighbourhood and before his congregation.

He, therefore, pleaded that the court dissolved their union and grant him custody of their only child.

Bola pleaded not liable to the claims when they were read to her, but agreed to divorce.

David, in his evidence, said: “My lord, the greatest mistake I have ever made in life is getting married to my wife.

“I met my wife through a friend, while her behaviour throughout the time we were courting was quite encouraging.

“I decided to tie the nuptial knot with her and then my life fell apart.

“My dreams and hope of running a beautiful home filled with love and warmth was aborted, the moment she stepped into my house.

“My wife is irresponsible and constantly neglects her duty in the home. She cares less about my welfare and that of our only child.

“She has also failed to give me the needed support in my ministry.

“Bola is troublesome. She turned our home into a boxing arena, thus making it a hell to live in.

“My wife treats me with scorn and refuses to grant me the respect I deserve in the home.

“Bola flouts my orders at will.  We argue and fight over every issue as a result of her ill-mannered nature.

“She takes pleasure in tearing my clothes when we fight. She has torn almost all my shirts and destroyed my trousers.  As a result of this, I now go about almost naked.

“Bola goes wild during the fight and will drag me on the floor with my trousers all over our apartment.

“She disagreed with her friend and I told her she was at fault after listening to both sides.

“She accused me of taking sides with her friend and slapped me in her friend’s presence.

“At another time she gave me a cut on the chest after hitting me with the wristwatch she was wearing. My shirt was soaked with blood.

“Her sister was a witness to this. I reported her to her mother, but I saw no change in her.

“She locked me up in the home for a day and told visitors I was not at home.

“My wife didn’t limit her disgraceful act to our home, she also humiliates me in public and especially before my congregation.

“Bola sometimes chases me around our neighbourhood naked during a fight and this draws people’s attention to the scene, who poured scorn on us.

“We once attended a function with other friends and she picked up a quarrel with me.

“Bola created a scene and refused to be placated.

“I visited the hospital and an argument ensued between us. My wife gave me a kick right in front of the nurses and patients and I fainted.

“I ended up being admitted.

“I sued for divorce at a customary court after I was discharged from the hospital and she was served with a court summon.

“Bola rather than being sober collected the court summons, tore it into pieces and emptied these in the pocket of my trousers.

“Our family members and friends later mediated in our differences. They pleaded that I withdrew the divorce suit from the court and we were reconciled.

“My lord, my wife made an attempt at my life by poisoning me.

“I took ill and she administered some drugs to me. I was later admitted to the hospital when my condition grew worse.

“I was made to undergo a series of tests after which my stomach was cleared.

“It was discovered during this period that I was injected with poison. And the culprit was no other person than my wife.

“My lord, the worst of my wife’s atrocities is her attempt to scatter my congregation.

“Bola exposes the secrets of those who come to me for prayers when she is fighting with me. This perpetually causes a kind of disaffection between them and her.

“She got me arrested by the police in the presence of my congregation while I was preaching on the altar.

“My lord, I do not wish to have my wife under my roof again. She is an evil wind that blows no one any good.

“I earnestly plead with this honourable court to dissolve our marriage and grant me custody of our only child.

“My wife is ill-mannered and not capable of training a child properly.

“I also appeal to the court to restrain her from threatening me and interfering with my private life.”

The court president, Mrs S.M Akintayo, after she had heard the plaintiff, adjourned the case till May 22.




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