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Nigerian-American Judge Ademiluyi Sacks from US Bench Over ‘Egregious’ Misconduct

 Nigerian-American Judge Ademiluyi Sacks from US Bench Over ‘Egregious’ Misconduct

The Maryland Supreme Court has removed a Prince George’s County circuit judge from the bench, finding “egregious” misconduct.
In a per curiam order filed Monday afternoon, the Maryland Supreme Court “concluded that, based on the egregious nature of the misconduct in this case, removal … is the appropriate disposition” for the judge, April T. Ademiluyi.
The high court did not provide reasons for the order, indicating an opinion will be filed at a later date.

The high court considered the recommendation and findings of the Commission on Judicial Disabilities that Ademiluyi committed sanctionable conduct for allegedly refusing training, showing bias toward criminal defendants, and antagonizing staff and colleagues.

In arguments before the high court on Monday, Ademiluyi’s counsel argued that her case should be dismissed and sealed, claiming that some of Ademiluyi’s judicial colleagues and the commission “retaliated” against her after she filed a complaint with the commission that alleged one of her orders had been changed by another judicial colleague without her consent.

In February, the commission unanimously agreed that Ademiluyi committed sanctionable conduct and recommended a censure and six months’ suspension without pay.

During Monday’s arguments before the high court, executive counsel for the commission recommended the court uphold the commission’s findings and make a ruling immediately.

“Judge Ademiluyi’s conduct was not reflective of the judiciary’s mission to provide fair, efficient and effective justice for all,” Kendra Jolivet said during Monday’s arguments. “In fact, her actions were not fair, not efficient and did not effectuate justice.”

Ademiluyi is also facing charges before the commission that she harassed a judicial colleague and improperly shared confidential materials from the investigation into her conduct.

Judge Michael R. Pearson, a fellow Prince George’s County circuit judge, testified last week before the commission that Ademiluyi repeatedly sent him unwanted text messages and emails that grew more personal in nature and eventually prompted him to respond that he had no interest in a personal relationship with her.

It is unclear if Ademiluyi’s scheduled hearing before the commission on these charges, where she is expected to testify, will still occur on Friday.

A spokesperson for the Maryland Judiciary said four judges have been removed by the high court in the judiciary’s history.

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