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Nigerians Deserve Effective Refineries – Prof. Adesanya-Davies Advices Tinubu

Nigerians Deserve Effective Refineries - Prof. Adesanya-Davies Advices Tinubu


Nigerians Deserve Effective Refineries – Prof. Adesanya-Davies Advices Tinubu

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Former Presidential candidate Funmilayo Adesanya-Davies pleads with President Bola Tinubu to give active Refineries to Nigerians while, “Financial expert warns Tinubu against sharing N8,000 to poor Nigerians” in an article published on July 15, 2023 by Ishola Oludare. She said, “the President could fix six (6) new Refineries, four (4) in his first four (4) years especially.”

Prof. Adesanya-Davies also agreed with Gbenga Adeoye, that, “N500 Billion will purchase approximately 8000 of this 60 seater bus at N62;500;000/1 rather than giving N8.000 to 12 million selected poor families in Nigeria. We could distribute these buses across the country to ease the cost of transportation and this will also be creating jobs in the process as well, she added.

Gbenga Adeoye, a financial expert, has asked President Bola Tinubu to quench the plan by his government to distribute N8,000 to 12 million poor Nigerians in six months.

For instance, each state and FCT will get 216 buses which will drastically reduce transport fares and could be used for about ten years without any issues of repairs. This is far more better than N8.000 per household for six months which implementation monitor can not be guaranteed.

Recall that the President, on Thursday, requested N500 billion from the National Assembly, supposedly to be distributed to poor Nigerians as palliatives to cushion the effects of the fuel subsidy removal.

In the letter, Tinubu explained that his government would transfer N8,000 a month to 12 million poor and low-income households with a multiplying effect on about 60 million individuals. While alluding to the fact that Tinubu was prepared for the job due to the actions he took immediately after he assumed office, Adeoye, however, said “I have been disturbed by the plan of the Tinubu government to give N8,000 cash palliative to 12 million poor Nigerians for six months.”

Explaining why the cash palliative should be avoided, the Chartered Accountant said that N8,000 to 12 million Nigerians will amount to N96 billion a month and N576 billion in six months.

“Cash palliative does not befit a country that has not reached optimal production level, it is good in a country that has attained optimal production level but the people are restricted from going out to work. An example of such is the United States of America where cash was distributed during COVID-19 Restrictions because people could not go out to perform their economic activities,” he explained.

In his recommendations, the Tax expert suggested that the Federal Government acquire 200 buses per senatorial district at N30m per bus, stressing that N666 billion would be spent on acquiring 22,200 buses.

“This will reduce the cost of transportation if handed over to relevant stakeholders to manage.

“Ensure regular maintenance and run it as a pure business but regulate the rate based on locations. Make monthly tickets available. USE card over time like in OYSTER Card in the UK.

“Ensure there are savings from the income generated from the buses to be able to replace them after five years. Let no politician use the bus for free.

“All Nigerians will benefit from this as most people will no longer have to worry about the high cost of petrol,” he stated.

The lawyer also suggested giving N1,000,000 to 600,000 entrepreneurs, who will engage in petty businesses and will be able to employ four other Nigerians.

”The money, he said, should be paid back over a period of 10 years at a 2 or 5 percent maximum rate and if possible, at no interest since N576bn proposed by Federal Government is a free gift anyway.” Adeoye informed that this will create 3 million direct and indirect employments.

Expressing further concerns about the planned N8,000 palliative, he asked: “How do we determine the poor Nigerians? How do we ensure the spread across the country? What will N8,000 do monthly?”

The UK Arbitrator said, “In my considered opinion, that move will not solve the poverty problem and hardship arising from fuel Subsidy removal.

”To give N8,000 per month is to give N266.67 per day. This will not produce the desired result as it means giving less than N90 per meal if it is assumed that the so-called poor will eat three times daily.

“The worst aspect of cash palliative is that people return to their level at the end of the programme, and that will cause more havoc after 6 months and can lead to unrest.

“Lastly I repeat, Mr President, please do not give out cash palliative of N576b. The amount is too much for such and the two alternatives enumerated above will have better impact than N266.67 per day to 12 million Nigerians, says Adeyeye.”

Prof Funmilayo Adesanya-Davies elucidates, explicate, exemplifies to analyse and develop in idea a principle in detail and alludes. She pleads with President Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to rather give Refineries to Nigerians as reports of Crude oil exporting countries and numbers of ACTIVE REFINARIES are as follows”:

Country Active Refinery
Saudi Arabia 5
Russia 44
Kuwait 2
Iran 3
USA 129
China 32
Iraq 15
Canada 15
Venezuela 6
Algeria 5
Libya 5
Qatar 2
Norway 1
Mexico 6
Brazil 19
India 23
Angola 1
Oman 1
Indonesia 6
Kazakhstan 3
Germany 16
Azerbaijan 2

In Summary : All major petroleum exporting countries have active refineries for local consumption of petroleum products except ‘giant of Africa’ Nigeria!. Notably from the data collected, it’s obvious that United States of America has the highest number of refineries (129) while Nigeria has ZERO (O).

When they say “God bless America,” it’s not because the people who reside in USA are so religious and prayerful, it is more about the determination of the people towards solving challenges facing them and God blessing the works of their hands as they do.

In a similar development, Methodist Bishops had warned President Tinubu to “Depart from Buhari’s governance style,” in a news report on 17th July 2023, by Geoffrey Anyanwu from Enugu, asking him to perish idea to give N8,000 to poor.

“Bishops of the Methodist Church Nigeria have asked President Bola Tinubu to ensure his governance style is a clear departure from that of former president, Muhammadu Buhari, if he intends to succeed.

They also want him to consider formation of state police to deal with incessant killings of harmless Nigerians across the country.

Apparently piqued by Tinubu administration’s decision to give N8,000 each to about 12 million households from the N500 billion fuel subsidy palliative, the Bishops who rose from their 40th Annual Council of Bishops at Wesley Cathedral, Uwani, Enugu, yesterday advised Tinubu to distance his administration from a governance style that looks and treats Nigerians as beggars.

Prelate, Methodist Church Nigeria, Oliver Ali Aba, stated this at  press conference to mark the end of the Bishops conference which had as its  theme: “Contending for the Faith (Jude V.3).”

The cleric said Nigeria was abundantly blessed by God with natural resources (mineral deposits) across the country but “pure mismanagement” was the bane of the country.

He said: “I want to believe strongly that coming into power of our father, His Excellency, the president of our country today, the Jagaban, Asiwaju Tinubu Ahmed, I want to believe that God brought him to power at a time like this, I want to believe strongly that he knew Nigeria and he knows the problem of our society. Nigeria is so large to be governed with the Almajiri style of life.

What can that kind of money (N8,000) do for Nigeria today and the Nigeria tomorrow? I think what the government of the day should do is to depart from the previous regime who believed in sharing five, five thousand to some individuals which we don’t know. When they told us they were fighting for us, indirectly they were also dealing with us which I want this present regime to depart from that system.

“Let the Federal Government look for a way and bring back the ailing industries. Like if you go to the northern part, particularly Kaduna State, we have a lot of textile industries, let them revive them, bring them to life and that will give employment to teaming youths of our population and I want to assure you that, that will help us rather than giving us, giving a family N8,000.”

The Bishops in their communiqué said, “while applauding the decision of the Federal Government on the removal of the petroleum products subsidy, admonishes the government to develop a heart of milk-like kindness by putting up some implementable palliatives so as to reduce the current hardship of the ordinary Nigerians.”

Frowning at the incessant killings in the country, they said: “Furthermore, the Bishops in Council acknowledge the various efforts of the Federal Government in her attempt to curb the various violent crises across the Country that have maimed and sent many Nigerians to their early graves and calls on the government at the centre to be more proactive in handling the issue. Consequently, the Council enjoins the government to look into the idea of the formation of state police so as to reduce the spate of the incessant killings of harmless Nigerians by the alleged insurgents, militants and terrorists.

“On the current wave of hardship and the rate of unemployment amongst our teaming youths, which have resulted in many of the young people dying on the high seas and the deserts in their attempts to cross over to Europe and other parts of the world in desires for greener pasture; Council calls on the three tiers of Government to frontally confront the issue and create a conducive environment for job creation and employment opportunities.”

Previously, Adesanya-Davies has congratulated President Tinubu making seven recommendations, published two months ago on May 31, 2023 in a report by Nuhu Aguwom in OPINION following his swearing in on 29th, May, 2023 as the 16th President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The recommendation include:
1. While Dangote Refineries commences, the President should create a federal ministry and appoint a specific Minister of Refineries and Projects with the aim to fix 6 new Refineries, four (4) in four (4) years especially.

2. Presidential intervention is needed over Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s release, President Ashiwaju should please release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu either conditionally or unconditionally; while he ensure the return of Chief Sunday Igboho that is held in Benin Republic back home to Nigeria in sanity and safety.

3. The President should commence the implementation of resolutions of 2014 National Conference/ Confab which is already over due now, as he has promised to restructure Nigeria into True Federalism with Regionalisation.

4. He should reduce the law makers salaries, allowances and retirement benefits (In fact, their services are better as part-time jobs). He should ensure this by precept and example to be shown through his own salary and emoluments.

5. President Ashiwaju Tinubu in his appointments without any form of lopsidedness should fully as promised remember to embrace the Women and the Youths as this point cannot be over emphasised.

6. He should especially empower the Christian community who had clamoured against Muslim/Muslim ticket and had been short-changed in the past eight years by Buhari-Apc led administration.

7. He should dare to start to face and ultimately complete every uncompleted projects of the past administrations because government is a continuous process.





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