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“no gree for anybody”: Activist Adetoun Reacts to Police Warning over the Slogan

“no gree for anybody”: Activist Adetoun Reacts to Police Warning over the Slogan

“no gree for anybody”: Activist Adetoun Reacts to Police Warning over the Slogan

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Adetoun Onajobi, a human rights activist has reacted to the Spokesperson for the Nigeria Police Force, ACP, Ademuyiwa Adejobi’s warning of the viral slang “No gree for anybody”.

While parading some suspects at the Force headquarters in Abuja, the spokesperson had said that the slogan adopted by Nigerians for 2024, “No dey gree for anybody” comes from a revolutionary sector that may cause problems across the country.

He explained that while the slogan is currently just seen as normal talk, in the security community it is interpreted as a very dangerous slogan that can trigger a crisis.

In response, Adetoun released a video refuting and clarifying the “no gree for anybody” slogan. She said, “The Nigeria Police has come out to say that the motivational and inspirational slogan that people are using to push themselves to survive in this economy has become a crime and a problem.

“A young lady working in a Bank in Ikorodu ended her life and it’s all over the news this morning. The hardship is too much. I’m sure she didn’t have the means where to borrow money to japa from Nigeria. She looked at herself, looked at the promises her motherland gave her and none was fulfilled, she ended her life.

“Nigeria Police now have the audacity. Where in the criminal code or which law certifies that the slogan “no gree for anybody” has become a threat to you?”

She continued that Nigerian Police are fond of using POS to collect money from citizens on 7up to Ojota routes in Lagos but it wasn’t spoken against. The human rights activist asked if the Nigeria Police collecting bribes from citizens around the Ikorodu roundabout was morally justified.

“Nigeria police will take money, transfer it into their account, and intimidate citizens while holding their guns and cigarettes, is that morally justified?

“The same Nigerian Police could not meet the five demands of EndSARS, is that still morally justified??

“Mr. Olumuyiwa, are we in a land of slavery? Is freedom of speech now a problem for you? You want Nigerians to obey but you cannot afford to give citizens their fundamental right that you owe them”

Adetoun asked if he thinks surviving in this present Nigeria is easy. She emphasized that for Nigerians to stop saying the slogan, he would need the President of Nigeria, Jagaban reinforce his earlier statement.

She continued “The government cannot provide for its citizens and they still plead and appeal to citizens to endure and citizens have looked for a way to just endure and encourage themselves, what has “no gree for anybody” got to do without inciting the public interest, Mr. Muyiwa

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