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Obidients Movement Sent to End Tinubu’s Political Career – Alawuje 

Obidients Movement Sent to End Tinubu’s Political Career – Alawuje

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National Coordinator of the Disciples of Jagaban (DOJ), foremost President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s support group, Comrade Abdulhakeem Adegoke Alawuje has taken a swipe at the 2023 presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, asking him to forget 2027 because it was evidently clear that the Endsars protest was targeted at ending Tinubu’s political career.

Comrade Alawuje made this known in a chat with journalists on Sunday in Abuja.
According to Alawuje, there are some facts surrounding the Endsars protests that Nigerians need to know.

He pointed out that some opposition in Nigeria is part of the plan by the international community to subdue Nigeria through unethical economic manipulation and strangulation.

Alawuje said even the Endsars protest was a grand master plan orchestrated by some members of the international community using some of their agents as a decoy to end Tinubu’s political career.

“These are some facts that the innocent Nigerian needs to know. It’s very bitter, but we have to say it and rely and depend fully on God, who we have repented to,” he said.
He said after Tinubu came to power, the president is currently engaged in a battle silently against international self-interest, in collaboration with their local agents, parading themselves as political opposition in Nigeria.

Alawuje recalled that even during the times of former presidents Goodluck Jonathan and Muhammadu Buhari, the two former leaders battled against the same evil forces who do not mean well for Nigeria.

“It’s a known fact that some members of the international community know that if Nigeria survives, the African continent will be liberated. When Jonathan stepped into their interests, they pushed him out of office. When Buhari stepped on their toes, they almost killed him.

“Tinubu is in now. They know him, They know what he can do. They know his intellectual capacity, and they have declared total war against him and Nigerians. Unfortunately, they appear to be winning the battle against Nigerians by turning us to fight our hero and leader,” he said.

Alawuje emphasized that the evil agents and their international collaborators must gallantly lose the battle, stressing that Obi can not rule Nigeria.

“You can only enjoy ruling in any of the African countries if only you agree to protect their vested interests. However, if you decide to remove your people from their bondage, you are already their enemy. It is even sad that only a few of your citizens will understand where the battle is coming from.

” the DOJ boss said. He therefore called for support for President Tinubu for him to triumph over the country’s detractors.
“Tinubu needed Nigerians to defeat both international communities and their local agents who felt that Nigerian success would affect their own business in the entire black race.

“Let’s get things straight with whom goerfry Peter Obi is. He has the full support of these people to lead Nigeria, we thank God, He took over the total control of the 2023 affair.

“Peter Obi can not be trusted and be voted for to lead them in the Southeast if we are practising regional system in Nigeria, but Obidents wanted him to rule the entire nation. Then who are these Obidients?
“Those who know the truth, want the truth, and defend the truth across Nigeria today are now gradually in suppot of the Tinubus government, including some Southeast leaders.

The Hausa Fulani leaders, even those who are pretending, hiding the truth for political gain, also know what led this nation to the present challenges that the Tinubu government is facing.

“Tinubu is purposely sent. It may be rough now, but let us hope in the Almighty God who sent him that the end will be celebrated,” he stated. Alawuje said that the Obidients have put machinery in motion across the country to try to distract the president but that their plan will fail.
“No one in Nigeria knows Peter Obi like his people in the East. 2023 general election, Obi got what he got under the threat of IPOB terrorists, not really because the Igbo wanted him, while cashing on religious bigotry to garner votes across other parrys of the country.

“And there’s no any group that harbour all kinds of criminals, like ritualists, Yahoo boys, girls, bad boys and girls, social terrorists, like the Obedient group, indeed, they are really and fully obidient to satan and Pharaoh as emissaries,” he added.
Alawuje noted that even in the Southeast, there are Igbos who do not wish to be identified with Obi except for the use of threat and blackmail as is I POB’s stock in trade.

“But yet some miscreants need a brilliant, Shap and smart person who can publicly identify with them to lead this country for them and protect their interests in Nigeria, that is why there’s no group that celebrates Nigeria tragedies like Obident group in Nigeria.

“The truth is that the Obident is not contained by one particular ethnicity or religion but the accumulation of all kinds of bad boys and girls.

“In fact, they are having support from all international criminals. They always think of one of the contestants who has a similar habit to them, both local and international level, and they go for him. They finalised themselves that they sacrificed everything within themselves to have a leader who could normalise and legalise their way to success.

They made themselves available for anything that could promote any darkness over the light of the moon.
“Like leaders like followers, the day someone like gofery Peter Obi took over the affairs of a nation like Nigeria, that will be the close chapter of the entire African development project.

“All crimes will be directly or indirectly legalised and normalised, and the rapist, Yahoo boys, and girls will create a festival to be celebrated in Nigeria with the attendance of all world criminals.
“The day the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria unite to save Nigeria, that will be the last time all tragedies in the country will end. And Tinubu is seriously working towards that,” he said.

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