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“Once in a village, a woman saw three old men sitting outside her house. She invites them in to have meals”

“Once in a village, a woman saw three old men sitting outside her house. She invites them in to have meals”

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Woman with her man.

The woman went outside and said,
‘I don’t know you, but I saw that you are sitting here for long, you must be hungry. Please come in and have something to eat.’

One of them asked,
‘Is the man of the house at home ?’

She replied, ‘No.’

‘Then we cannot come in.’, said the men.

The woman went inside. In the evening when her husband came, she told him about the people sitting outside and all that had happened.

He told his wife to go and ask those men to come in and have some food.

She went out and told them,
‘My husband is home. He is inviting you all. Please come inside and have some food with us .’

They replied,
‘We do not go inside a house together.’

When she asked why, one of the old men explained,
pointing to one of his friends, he said :
‘His name is Wealth.
If he goes with you, your home will be filled with wealth always.’
Then pointing to another old man he said :
‘He is Success.
If he goes with you, you will always be successful in any enendeavourou start.’

He then introduced himself as Love.
‘If I go with you, then your home will be filled with love always.’

Then he told her to go in and discuss with her husband which one of them they wanted their home.

Her husband was overjoyed hearing about it and said,
‘Let’s invite Wealth.
Let him come and fill our home with wealth.’

His wife disagreed and said, ‘Why don’t we invite Success?’

Their daughter-in-law was listening to this.
She came to them and suggested,
‘Wouldn’t it be better if we invite Love into tor home?
Then our home will be filled with love forever.’

The husband and wife agreed.

The woman again went out and said,
‘Which one of you is Love? Please come in and be our guest.’

Love got up and started walking toward the house. Just then the other two also got up and started following him.

The woman asked,
‘You said you can not all come together.
I invited only Love.
Why are you all coming in?’

The old men replied,
‘If you had invited Wealth or Success then the other two would have stayed outside, but since you invite Love, wherever he goes, we go with him.’

Wherever there is Love, Wealth and Success will follow.” ❤️

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