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RCCG’s Pastor Iluyomade’s Ordeal: My Reflection

RCCG’s Pastor Iluyomade’s Ordeal: My Reflection

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The news resounds of Pastor’s plight,
Suspended from his holy site,
For celebrating love too bright,
When mourning cloaked the sacred night.
Herbert Wigwe’s tragic fate,
In a crash so harsh, so late,
With wife and son, the sorrow is great,
Yet joy was found in partying’s state.

Pastor Iluyomade’s love displayed,
Affection for his wife conveyed,
But leadership, some say, betrayed,
A church in grief was left dismayed.

It wasn’t just the birthday cheer,
But songs and music brought to ear,
That clashed with values held so dear,
And fueled the outcry far and near.

Could wife alone have staged this grand?
Or did the Pastor lend his hand?
In marriage, duties oft are extended,
But here, the scales did tip the stand.
A public figure must discern,
To whom his loyalties must turn,
In God’s eyes, first, his faith must burn,
Then earthly loves he might pursue or adjourn.

Sincerely, I feel for Pastor in this test,
For love and faith, both manifest,
Yet choices made were not the best,
And now he faces great unrest.

Like Adam’s tale in Eden’s lore,
His wife, the cause, but blame he bore,
In moments grave, he should implore,
To stand by right, despite love’s roar.
He knew the clash, the discord he felt,
The party’s tunes, uneasy dealt,
Yet in the pastor’s heart, his spirit knelt,
While outwardly, chaos slowly built.
Imagine now if he had to the wife said,
This celebration must be postponed or sped up,
Or not at all, for grief’s widespread,
To avoid this shame that now has firmly spread.

But quarrels in the home would arise,
When one defies the other’s ties,
Yet better that, than this tarnished honor,
And possible flocks’ faith’s demise.

In hindsight, wisdom is clearer seen,
For love and duty, though in-between,
In God’s own service, he should have been,
A guide, and a shepherd first before a lover.

By Lawrence C Nnoli

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