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Should Court Orders  A Rerun, I Doubt if Tinubu Will Make It – Ambassador Aminu Wali

Should Court Orders  A Rerun, I Doubt if Tinubu Will Make It – Ambassador Aminu Wali

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Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Ambassador Aminu Wali has expressed doubt that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu would survive a potential presidential election rerun against the opposition.

Wali stated this in an exclusive interview with The Sun Newspaper.

He explained that the opposition Peoples Democratic Party and the Labour Party have filed petitions at the presidential election tribunal challenging Tinubu’s victory. If the court calls for a rerun election between Tinubu and the opposition candidates, Wali believes Tinubu would struggle to win again.

According to Wali, Tinubu has already made some unpopular decisions, like removing fuel subsidies, that could turn voters against him in a rerun election. He said many Nigerians are unhappy with the economic hardship caused by the fuel subsidy removal under Tinubu’s administration.

Wali was quoted in The Sun Newspaper saying “But this is why I am saying Tinubu made a mistake by removing the subsidy even before he knows what the effect is going to be. It is now that he is seeing what the effect is. If today we go for an election, if they say there is a rerun, I doubt if he can make it.”

Ambassador Wali believes President Tinubu’s early economic policies have upset voters and made him vulnerable if the election tribunal forces a rerun against opposition candidates. Wali sees the fuel subsidy decision as a strategic mistake that could potentially cost Tinubu the presidency if a rerun election is called.


The sun.

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