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Sophia Momodu mentions Davido’s son’s d£@th as she gives kicks against custody of her Daughter.

Sophia Momodu mentions Davido’s son’s d£@th as she gives kicks against custody of her Daughter.

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More details have emerged from the counter affidavit filed by Sophia Momodu, the mother of singer Davido’s first child Imade Adeleke, in response to the Originating Motions filed by the singer.

Davido, real name David Adeleke, had filed the motion through his lawyers, requesting joint custody or unfettered access to their daughter, Imade.

Sophia responded in a suit marked LD/1587PMC/2024.

In a 100-paragraph counter-affidavit to Applicant’s Originating Motion, Sophia Momodu stated that their daughter “is a minor (9 years old) and as her mother, she has stayed with me all her life and I have been responsible for her welfare, upkeep, and well-being.”

According to the publication, in the suit, Sophia prayed the court that custody of their daughter should not be granted to the Applicant citing his controversial lifestyle which according to her “will expose our daughter to more negative trauma at her tender age”.

Giving other reasons while custody should not be granted to the Applicant, the Respondent stated “that the Applicant in his role as an artiste always travels and allows many unsavoury male adults around him and his house, who will not be a good influence on an impressionable young female child, like our daughter.

“The Applicant disagreed with child therapy as the Applicant has been estranged from our daughter for a while and safely and sustainably establishing a meaningful presence in our daughter’s life is paramount.

“The Applicant is an artist who always travels around the world as mandated by his career and cannot possibly be with our daughter at crucial times.

“The Applicant is married to another woman, and they live together. The proper upbringing of our daughter by another cannot be guaranteed.

“The fact that the Applicant lost his son in his house in rather unfortunate and questionable circumstances shows that our daughter cannot be placed in the custody of the Applicant.”


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