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Time to call Arise TV’s parrot presenter to order  – Alawuje

Time to call Arise TV's parrot presenter to order  - Alawuje

Time to call Arise TV’s parrot presenter to order  – Alawuje
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It’s clear for all to see that Rufai Osein, Arise TV anchorman popularly recognized as anti-Tinubu and APC, is not ready to let off steam yet even after the 2023 general election.
But did his contract with the opposition not yet expire?
This is the chief concern of a pro-Tinubu group and national coordinator of the Disciples of Jagaban  (DOJ), Comrade Abdulhakeem  Alawuje.
Alawuje, who couldn’t understand why Rafiu Hussaini will continue his onslaught on Tinubu and the APC, cautioned the presenter against pursuing his agenda against President Ahmed Bola Tinubu to a point of no return.
Alawuje wondered whether the presenter and his TV station were out to truncate the country’s nascent democracy.
“Are you guys arising to truncate Nigeria’s political system, or are you arising to cripple the ruling party to bring in the opposition to take over power?
“Are you arising to reality, or will you always be wailing against the APC and all its leadership in government?
In just ten days as president,  president Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has displayed himself as the most focused, visionary and missionary leader, he has been a politician of note whom there’s no amount of illogical words can undermine political sagacity,
He has been a politician of note who’s ready to bring together all skilful hands to the table. He has prepared to eliminate all the problems militating against Nigeria and Nigerians.
He is an experienced politician who naturally became a fear to all who ate our collective future in the past, to those whose normalised sharing of Nigerian wealth and resources within  themselves that are not up to one percent members of this country,
“Why is it that whatever positive achievement by the government gives Arise TV sleepless nights until they find one fault or the other with the Tinubu administration?” He said.
Alawuje wants the TV station and particularly its lead presenter to come clean on who hired them to harangue the Tinubu government and his political party.
“Tell us who hired you to attack this government. If not, if we also rise against you, you and all your paymasters may not survive it. We need to know if Arise TV is set up for a communication business or if it was established purposely to work against the interest of the APC and all its leadership in government.
“Even in the animal kingdom where lawlessness reigns, there is still some level of discipline. Arise TV must call itself to order unless the station is ready to face the consequences of its unguided conduct,” he added.
Is it the freedom of speech that gives you guys the audacity to be misbehaving forgetting that whoever became a president is as well deserves respect and regard from the citizens of his country,
The Disciples of Justice, formerly Disciples of Jagaban, have been observing and monitoring all their fabricated activities, and we discovered that the establishment was purposely against a particular party,
But we in Disciples of Justice are fully ready to declare a full social and total political  war to end their existence if they refuse to retreat all their evils scripts designed to discredit  the APC and the President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu,
I still don’t know why Arise TV has always been energised and emotionally happy only when they see any negative or fabricated lies against any government  of the day,
You guys have been terrorising the public with all your strengths with the deferent fabricated lies during the campaign and your collaboration with some crooks in international media, you have been misinforming Nigerian youths and masses against the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria you have been engaging some miscreants to work in opposites against the interest of this nation, during the campaign we assumed you were misinformed about our principal who is now a president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,
DOJ is now issuing a warning to you to face and be focused on communication business and stop being the emissaries established to truncate the democracy of this country or to be discrediting, frustrating the effort of the president especially as at this material period that both the president and other progressive minds Nigerians are fully ready to redeem and liberate Nigeria and Nigerians.

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