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Tinubu support group threatens to expose the list of our past leaders who killed our common industries for their private ones both at home and abroad to be functioning

Tinubu support group threatens to expose the list of our past leaders who killed our common industries for their private ones both at home and abroad to be functioning

Tinubu support group threatens to expose the list of our past leaders who killed our common industries for their private ones both at home and abroad to be functioning.

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Baba Obasanjo should keep his advice to himself. Tinubu will not be compromised on Nigerian development.

DOJ National Coordinator Comrade Abdulhakeem Adegoke Alawuje has threatened to expose the list of our past leaders who crippled national establishments in Nigeria to entrench their personal businesses at home and abroad.

Do we really know why any step we took for one solution resulted in another problem?

We find ourselves in two difficult situations:

1, Those who benefit from our common problems as a people are very powerful.

2, These people are fully aware that after any general elections in Nigeria, we tend to be more divided and remain so till the following election.

If anything, in truth, the two major parties we have are the wicked elites and ignorant masses.

Elites see themselves as one family but have different interests. However, the masses have never seen themselves as one family, but as tools in the hands of the same wicked elites.

Nigerian elites are taking advantage of the gullibility of the masses to the fullest. We are being surreptitiously manipulated for their own ends.

Who are our friends and who are really our collective enemies in this country?

When the election is taking place, we can understand that we are in an electioneering battle.

When the winner emerges, all the supporters of all contestants and their preferred candidate who really loves the success of the country should join their forces together to move the country forward.

The day of the Supreme Court judgment should have been the last day of our differences. It should have represented the starting point of entrenching unity and harmony among us.

Let me give examples of what happened in APC before the primaries. We knew those who worked for either Osibanjo, Ameachi,Yahya Bello and the former Senate President, Senator Ahmed Lawal. But immediately after the primaries, more than eighty percent of other supporters joined forces with the winner President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. In fact, some of them gained more recognition even than some of us who started the Tinubu struggle earlier, without any discrimination amongst us.

Imagine if all the forces behind Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Peter Obi and other presidential candidates now joined together with the winner of the general elections to confront the real enemies of this country, Nigeria would have been better. The battle could have been easily won.

DOJ have the list of those who ate Nigerian future in the past. Those who set us against ourselves in the name of either religion or ethics. Those are the ones who killed Nigerian industries for the success of their personal ones.

How many people actually question those who assigned the importation of generators that will never allow the power sector to work?

Those who personally killed our railway system for their trailer investments to succeed are in Nigeria.

Those who invested in communication sectors to cripple our NITEL at the time they were in power are walking the streets free.

Tell me. Those who looted our resources and invested them in foreign telecommunications, how will they ever allow the local communication company to function?

Those who looted our treasuries to a stupor and invested it to build their own personal refineries abroad, how on earth would they wish our local refineries to be functioning.?

Sixty per cent of our challenges are caused by the enemies within.

In the past more than sixty per cent of our youths were engaged in all these industries, now than seventy per cent of our graduates are jobless, working around the streets,

If Hausa rule the problem cannot be solved. If Igbos rule, the problem can not be effectively handled and Yoruba is ruling yet we can not properly tackle the problem militating against us. Should we allow foreigners to come and rule Nigeria for us?

Definitely, the answer is capital NO.

Tinubu has been sent to reset our political, economic, security and all development sectors to be working.

Let me tell you this bitter truth. Nigerians who are working against Other less privileged Nigerian’s well-being and comfort are very powerful and they can sacrifice anything to maintain the status quo. They are equally ready to end any government that refuses to cooperate with them in collaboration with their foreign masters who turn African nations into a cash cows. Nigeria, being the most populous black country in the world cannot be spared of their radar.

We have a list of all their collaborators in Nigeria who always appeared in the public like they really want the country to succeed but they are the main problem facing the entire nation.

Let the youths and masses come together as a team and join forces together with the government, that will be the end of our frustrations, tribulations and misfortunes. Alawuje said.

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