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Tired of Sucking D**ks:  UNICAL Dean Accused of Sexually Harassing Students Reacts

Tired of Sucking D**ks:  UNICAL Dean Accused of Sexually Harassing Students Reacts

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We are Tired of Sucking D**ks, Let big bre*st Students Breath – UNICAL Law Students Protest against the Dean for S3xual Exploitation

Prof Ndifon was 2015 Suspended by the University for raping a female Law Student but was reinstated in a controversial matter.

Prof. Cyril Ndifon, Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Calabar, Cross River State, who was accused of s3xually h@rassing students has reacted to the allegation.

Recall that in videos shared online, some students who embarked on a protest were seen holding up placards that read “We are tired of sucking big ****”, “Professor Ndifon, let the girls with big breasts breathe. Stop suffocating us,” and “Enough of law school list manipulation.”

Reacting to the allegation, Prof. Ndifon accused the students of fabricating lies to tarnish his image. He also claimed that the protest was plotted by his fellow lecturers who want his fall as the law faculty dean.

Ndifin said;

“Since I defeated some persons in an election that was keenly contested, to emerge as Dean of the faculty, it hasn’t been easy. I had skipped several booby traps.

“These allegations are baselessly masterminded by my detractor, who had vowed to ensure that my image is dragged into the mud just because I won the faculty elections twice.

“If you look at the placards you will discover that the placards have one person’s handwriting. Again how come the protesters know that we were holding a meeting with the Vice Chancellor if it is not the handiwork of an insider?

“We were supposed to hold a meeting with the Vice Chancellor to enable us to iron out important issues troubling us in the faculty, while the meeting was ongoing, we were told that some students were outside with placards, protesting against me, demanding that I should be unseated.

“From what am told, LAWSAN President, Benedict Otu, cajoled some students that they were to go for a meeting with the Vice Chancellor at her office, only to dish out placards bearing false representations about the Dean, and asked his colleagues to chant slogans that berated my personality.

“This won’t work. Colleagues of mine who are bent on tarnishing my reputation just to destroy me. The question is where are the victims of sexual harassment?

“Can someone harass girls without the ladies coming out to raise the alarm that they were s£xually harassed?



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