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UN-POLAC Congratulates ICCGIN and Nigerians on Release of Rhoda Jatau

UN-POLAC Congratulates ICCGIN and Nigerians on Release of Rhoda Jatau

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The UN-POLAC International Peace Advocates congratulate ICCGIN, other groups and all well meaning Nigerians on the release of Rhoda Jatau at the breaking news that, “the Bauchi woman who condemned the alleged killing of Samuel Deborah in Sokoto State, has regained her freedom, after 18 months in detention, in a report by
Nathaniel Shaibu in PUNCH on 9th December, 2023.

Recall UN-POLAC’s mandate is to enhance the effectiveness of the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) now Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and UNESCO Culture of Peace Programme particularly the maintenance of peace and security and the restoration of human dignity.

The report says, “After 18 months in prison, Rhoda Jatau, a Bauchi woman who condemned the alleged killing of Samuel Deborah in Sokoto State, has regained her freedom, The PUNCH learnt.

“A reliable source who spoke on condition of anonymity told PUNCH correspondent that Jatau was released on bail on Friday, 8th December, 2023 following interventions by the Christian Association of Nigeria, the Nigeria Inter-Religious Council and the Christian Solidarity Worldwide Nigeria.

The PUNCH reports that, “Jatau, a mother of five, had been detained since May 2022 on the grounds of blasphemy, for sharing a video condemning the lynching of a student, Deborah.

“Deborah, a 200-level student of Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto, was brutally murdered after advising against sending religious materials on a WhatsApp page.

The source, however, did not reveal bail conditions or which court had granted Jatau bail, but noted that the Inter-Religious Council had played “a key role” in securing her bail and release.

“Following the outcry from the Christian community especially ICCGIN in Nigeria over the continued detention of Rhoda Jatau in Bauchi Prison, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), the Nigeria Inter-Religious Council, Christian Solidarity Worldwide Nigeria and UN-POLAC have intervened in the matter.

“We are pleased to report that Mrs Rhoda has been granted bail and subsequently released from detention today. We have high hopes that the case will end in praise CAN said. Let’s continue to uphold her in our prayers. The leadership of NIREC played a key role. Praise be to our God”, he told our correspondent.

Moreover, “Her arrest and prolonged detention have raised international concerns with the United Nations and several organisations such as Christian Solidarity International expressing worry.

“They contend that Jatau’s incarceration represents an infringement on her fundamental rights to freedom of expression, religion or belief.

“Of concern is the repeated denial of bail to Jatau. The United Nations and CSI underscore that the denial of bail not only restricts her freedom but also raises questions about the fairness and proportionality of the legal measures taken against her. ICCGIN is seriously unhappy in distress.

The UN-POLAC among othe groups has seriously condemned and advocated for the peaceful release of Jatau” says Bishop Prof. Funmilayo Adesanya-Davies, the Country President of POLAC. How would a mother be since detained and incarcerated for advocating on behalf another girl-child by sharing a video condemning the lynching of Deborah, for God’s sake! United Nations is totally displeased.

What laws, judgement and rulings have been enacted and executed on the killers of Deborah Samuel herself !? The murderers of
She further recalled that, “the UN-POLAC was established as an International autonomous institution in 2001 with the UN and UNESCO following General Assembly resolution, declaring 2001 – 2010 as a decade of peace and non-violence — So let there be peace in Nigeria, in Africa and entirely world”, says Adesanya-Davies.

In a similar report in Kaduna by Achadu Gabriel, “Christian women nationwide and especially northern Nigeria in particular were poised for showdown over the continued incarceration of their member, Mrs. Rhoda Ya’u Jatau for alleged blasphemy.

“Mrs. Jatau, a mother of five, was since arrested and sent to jail for reportedly sharing a message among her Co-workers criticising a mob attacked and killing of a University girl, Deborah Yakubu, who was accused of alleged blasphemy.

“Mrs. Jatau has been in detention since May 2022 when she shared a WhatsApp video condemning mob action against another woman, Deborah Yakubu, who was killed after been framed of alleged blasphemy.

“Christian women, in a widely circulated mobilization statement on social media, had expressed serious fear over the fate of Mrs. Jatau, saying history may repeat it self if nothing is done to released her from been tried in a Sharia Court.

“Dear Women of ICCGIN! We were pained at Deborah’s killing. It is about to happen again. Are we going to just lament and do nothing?

“What is Rhoda’s crime? She spoke up against Deborah’s killing. They held her in custody since last year May 2022 and now she is to be tried in a sharia court.

“Why? Why should a Christian be tried in the Sharia court? Does it mean that any Christian can be lynched at any time for no just cause? This is unacceptable. We have to do something about it.

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