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We Will Approve New Presidential Plane for Tinubu if requested – Senate President 

We Will Approve New Presidential Plane for Tinubu if requested – Senate President

The Senate has said that no ‘anticipated’ blackmail can stop it from approving the purchase of the presidential plane if the need arises.

The Senate also clarified that there was no request for the approval of the purchase of a presidential jet before it.

This was made known at the plenary on Thursday by the Senate President, GodsWill Akpabio when he clarified social media news on his comments on the purchase of the plane.

He said, “We care about the president and we care about the Nigerian people. We will approve things that will benefit the Nigerian people.

“We will approve things that would improve the living standard of the people. At the same time, we will also take cognizance of the duties of the president.

“If his vehicle is bad, we will repair the vehicle. If his plane is bad, we will approve money for the repair of the plane. So that is not an issue. There is nothing before us.

I don’t think you should worry about it.”

The Senate President also said, “ Somebody called me from BBC, that what I said in Senator Mongunu’s house, was false and should be disregarded, that I was now saying that I will not approve.

“That is what you can call anticipated blackmail. The professors of the story know very well that maybe there is a problem with the presidential fleet and that where they will go will be the parliament.

”And so they are now trying to do anticipated blackmail to tell us if they bring it, do not look into it.

“So I think that we should ignore them because of what we are doing here. I read the president’s correspondence to us. Nothing was touching on a plane or no plane, but I can tell you that when you hear stories such as the death of the vice president of Malawi as a result of a defective plane. And then you hear students such as the death of the president of Iran as a result of defective aircraft.
“We shouldn’t ever sit and allow such to be at the ocean. It wouldn’t be. The Senate is very responsible. The National Assembly is very responsible. We will look into issues that will benefit the governance of the country.”

Akpabio added, “Irrespective of anticipatory blackmail, because those people know very well that something like that might come in the future. And if it’s a necessity, the Senate will look into it. But there is nothing like that before us now.”

Before Akpabio’s comment, the Senate leader had earlier raised the issue stating that some elements in the fifth columnist were dishing out propaganda to the public about the Senate as it regards the purchase of the presidential fleet.

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