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Why we are holding Bobrisky in Male Facility –  Correctional service

Why we are holding Bobrisky in Male Facility –  Correctional service

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Following the sentencing of crossdresser, Bobrisky, The Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS) has said that the crossdresser would kept in a male cell.

The spokesperson for the Correctional Service in Lagos said the crossdresser will be incarcerated in the male section of its custodian facility. The spokesperson noted how the crossdresser identified himself as a male when being questioned in court, which influenced their decision to place him in a male-designated facility.

Despite concerns regarding his safety due to his gender preference, Correctional officers have assured that Bobrisky will be adequately protected from potential harm. According to him, the decision to put him in a male cell to protect him from sexual predators.

“Since he admitted to being a male in court, then we have to abide by what was submitted in court.

He shouldn’t be afraid of s3xual assault from other male inmates because our men can give him protection”.

He was sentenced to jail for 6 months without an option of a fine over Naira abuse.

Newsmediang reported early this month that he was arrested by the Economic and Financial Crime Commission over alleged currency mutilation and abuse of the Naira. He had pleaded guilty in court and had pleaded with the judge to give him another chance.

He promised to make good use of his platform to inform and educate his followers about spraying money as he begged the judge to tamper justice with Mercy. Unfortunately, the judge didn’t excuse his bad behavior.

The likes of Charly Boy, Yomi Fabiyi, Eniola Ajao, James Brown, Paulo Okoye, and others have shown their support for him.

Back in  January of 2024, Bobrisky had blown hot after people criticized his decision to be a cross-dresser. He wrote a lengthy post on Instagram where he cautioned people to allow other people to leave, explaining that there was something called choice and everybody has their own different choices to make.

we are holding bobrisky in male facility, we will protect him from sexual predictors correctional service

He went on to express that even if his creator was to wake him up, he would still defend himself and tell God why. He further cautioned them to mind their business.

In March, Bobrisky had sent a massage to Nigerians as he finally acquired a vagina. He told Nigerians to start addressing him as a woman as he had finally gotten a vagina and had taken off his manhood before his boobs surgery.

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