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With an Approximate Net Worth of N5bn, See The Highest-Earning Skit Makers of 2023 in Nigeria 

With an Approximate Net Worth of N5bn, See The Highest-Earning Skit Makers of 2023 in Nigeria 

With an Approximate Net Worth of N5bn, See The Highest-Earning Skit Makers of 2023 in Nigeria

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Like it or not, the skit-making/content-creating industry has come to stay; over the last 10 years, it has witnessed tremendous growth and has become highly lucrative.
The year 2023 saw some young new acts in the industry make massive breakthroughs, including Gilmore, Erekere, Layi Wasabi, and Kidbaby101.
However, the old guards stayed watch of the gates when it came to financial earnings for 2023, reasserting their dominance. this article has compiled a list of the top seven highest-earning skit makers of 2023.
1. Mark Angel is still the king of YouTube and Instagram: Mark Angel is one of the first Nigerian skit makers and comics to gain international recognition as a content creator.
He started creating content actively as a professional with his niece, Emmanuella, in 2013. The Mark Angel page is the first African channel to hit 1m subscribers on YouTube. It is also Nigeria’s most followed YouTube page, with approximately 9m subscribers. The Mark Angel page is the second most visited content-creating YouTube channel in 2023. It is second only to Mama Chinedu. On Instagram, Mark’s page is the most visited/viewed content-creating page, with over 44m views over the last 12 months. It is estimated that over the last 12 months, Mark and Co. has been able to rake in over $1.3m from revenues on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.
2. Sabinus transitions between stand-up and content creation eloquently: Second on the list is Emmanuel Ejekwu, aka Oga Sabinus. He is one of the most popular content creators in Nigeria. However, a part of his act that he doesn’t get enough props for is that Sabinus is a proper stand-up comedian.
Sabinus had a fantastic year in 2023, acquiring multiple houses and new cars. But he made more from hosting his stand-up shows in London and the US. Over the last 12 months, Oga Funny has gathered over 30 million views on Instagram and 13.7 million on YouTube. Unlike Mark Angel and his crew, Sabinus has taken his act further, ranking in a whopping $360k from his stand-up shows. According to Dataleum, Sabinus is the second most successful Nigerian skit maker in 2023.
3. Broda Shaggi is Nigeria’s perfect all-round entertainer: Nigeria’s no.1 fine Agbero, Samuel Perry, aka Broda Shaggi, is one of the country’s most successful content creators. Over the years, he has gradually metamorphosed into different spheres of the entertainment industry. In 2022, Broda Shaggi was ranked as the wealthiest skit maker in Nigeria. He recently revealed that he makes roughly N25m monthly from his YouTube page.
He is also the most followed skit maker in Nigeria. According to Dataleum, Broda Shaggi, over the last 12 months, has gathered 9.9m views on YouTube, with 50k new subscribers. While on Instagram, he was only able to pull 17.4m views. However, during the year, Broda Shaggi was seen delving more into music as he dropped a new track, Ijo Loka, which became an instant hit. Shaggi is believed to have earned over $950k throughout 2023.
4. Cute Abiola, former Navy man turn skit maker: Kwara state-born content creator Abdulgafar Abiola is one of Nigeria’s most popular content creators. The Special Assistant on Youth to the Kwara state governor is one of the wealthiest content creators in Nigeria. His work ethic, dedication and consistency are second to none. Over the last 12 months, Cute Abiola has reached 22.4m views on Instagram, with 3.1m comments and 123k comments.
He is the second most followed content creator on Instagram, with over 5m followers. While on YouTube, he recently delved into filmmaking, releasing his debut last November, starring former BBNaija winner Phyna. The movie’s title is “Shattered Innocence”, and as of December 24, it had gathered over 747k views on YouTube. According to Dataleum, Cute Abiola reportedly raked $800k from all his endeavours in 2023.
5. Sydney Talker is the skit maker turned music executive: Ace Nigerian content creator and comic Sydney Egere, aka Sydney Talker, is one of Nigeria’s most underrated skit makers. His influence in the current influx of content creators is never discussed enough. Sydney is the man who helped bring the likes of Carter Efe, Pankerooy, Zfancy, Shank Comics, Nasboi and a few other comics into the limelight as content creators. However, Sydney recently delved into music, not as an artist but as an executive. He owns the record label Neville, whose prominent artist is.
In collaboration, they’ve dropped multiple hits like Annabella, With You, Carry Me Go and more. Sydney, in 2023, shattered the record for the most views garnered by a skit he did with Hilda Baci. On YouTube in 2023, he has hit 33.6m views, with 163k new subscribers. Sydney, according to Dataleum, is valuable to have earned approximately $790k in personal income.

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