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Women are moved by words but swept off their feet by intentional actions.

Women are moved by words but swept off their feet by intentional actions.


Women are moved by words but swept off their feet by intentional actions.

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After giving Dorcas the shock of her life and raising the score to 2:1, I was very happy to go into my apartment with my boss – Mary.

She was relaxed and playful, pulling on my shirt as we passed through the corridor, walking softly on the blue rug, and getting into my apartment.

She turned to face me and pulled me closer.

“Wow, what an interesting day it’s been, I really enjoyed myself. Ebaby, how can I thank you? I mean just tell me what to do. I will do anything for you. Thank you, my love.” She said.

Her words “My love” sent a shiver down my spine, my goodness. It was so sweet to hear someone call me endearing words, I had always been the one to give compliments and use embellishments.

Expression is the gateway to the exploration of feelings.

“You are welcome Mbaby. That’s just the tip of the Edaton enjoyment iceberg.” I said while I brushed my hands through her hair.

I could see love blazing in her eyes, she would kiss me if I continued staring at her.

I didn’t want to be carried away or too emotional so I asked her if I could get her water or anything, she said she was full.

“Babe, I am so tired and my joints ache from all the work I put in this week. I wish I can just book a massage session before I sleep today.” She said absentmindedly.

“Oh, you are in luck, I can be your masseur if you will book me, I will give you a full-body professional massage. ” I said to her, she turned her gaze away because what I implied was that I was going to touch her body.

“I hope I will be safe?” She asked me while biting on her lower lips. I knew what she meant.

“Yes, as safe as you can be, but I can’t promise you anything after the massage though,” I winked at her.

“I will take my chances. I might just sleep off while you are at it.” That was her way of saying she agreed for me to massage her.

“Okay, what you have to do is: take your bath first, I will provide you with a singlet and boxers, but I don’t think my boxers will be able to pass your hips o, you go tear my boxers for me,” I said sarcastically as I ran away to the corridor, she followed after me and playfully eyed me.

I just burst out laughing.

“Don’t worry about that. You can also just use your panties like that and if you have a tube under your dress you can leave it on.” That was the conclusion of the matter.

She took permission, took her car key and brought back a small backpack with some clothes and a couple of other things in it.

I put on the bright lights in the room, then I turned on the TV and played the recent episodes of” Bob Hearts Abishola”.

Mary stepped into the bathroom and I provided her with all she needed.

I quickly sprayed perfume oils in the room to activate a spa feel, I lighted an aromatherapy candle and adjusted the pillow on my bed in anticipation.

I changed into shorts and a white T-shirt.

I could hear Mary had started showering, then I heard a knock on my door. I wondered if Dorcas was back but it was pretty late, what would she want by this time of the day, maybe another “Ela”?

I paused the movie and went to check who it was.

Lo, and behold, it was my girlfriend, pardon me my ex – Rejoice.

She had changed into an elastic shorts and a white T-shirt, she knew what I liked.

I didn’t open the gate, I just stood there and waited for her to speak.

“Sweety, I am sorry, I didn’t mean what I said in that text, please I hope you didn’t take it seriously. Please forgive me.” She was beginning to sniff and her eyes were getting teary. “I don’t want us to end it like that, you are the best thing that happened to me.” She concluded.

“Is that so? You didn’t give me the benefit of the doubt, you just concluded everything. I think you should go home. Please, just go!” I tried to keep my voice leveled.

Mary must have been listening to us because she stopped bathing.

“No, okomi, please don’t break up with me, it was a mistake, I was just jealous that’s all, I can’t allow another woman to take you away fro….” She stopped in her tracks when she heard a splash of water. Mary had resumed taking her bath. “Who is that?” Rejoice asked.

“It is the same person you saw earlier,” I remarked without any remorse.

“Jesus, I thought it was just a mistake, so you brought her home and I was here crying and saying I judge you wrongly. Wao. So you are cheating on me abi?” her tears suddenly dried up and her commanding voice was back.

“You didn’t allow me to explain so, I think you should just go home for today, tomorrow I will call you to come and explain…”

“Explain what? You dey friend your boss, wetin you Wan explain again? Abi she uses stumps to catch you? Abeg getat!” She said angrily and left before I could complete what I was saying.

I was no longer worried. She should go.

I sha hope Mary will not serve me breakfast.

When I got back inside, I noticed Mary had finished and she was in the room.

When I opened the curtain, her beauty almost blinded me.

She was standing with her back to me.

Her light chocolate complexion was glowing and she stood tall enough for her head to come under my chin, she had on a white long sleeve nightgown and a matching white flower sock.

Oh, it dawned on me, she planned this all along.

I approached her carefully.

“Hey babe, are you ready?” I whispered into her ear from behind, she shivered at the touch of my lips on her ear.

She turned to me, lifted her chin towards me and another dose of her frontal beauty arrested me.

“Yes, boss.” She said so softly you wouldn’t believe it was the same woman people were afraid of at work.

She might be my boss at work, but I was her boss at home!


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