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“You Are Not Properly Brought Up” – DOJ lambasts Aisha Yusufu

"You Are Not Properly Brought Up" - DOJ lambasts Aisha Yusufu

“You Are Not Properly Brought Up” – DOJ lambasts Aisha Yusufu
…urges DSS to call her to order


A non-governmental organisation, the Disciples of Jagaban has urged the Directorate of State Security to call Aisha Yesufu to order, saying she must not hide under the freedom of speech to denigrate the office of the president and mislead the innocent youths.

Nigerians should be told, DOJ insist Tinubu will fix Nigeria. Certainly. However, the destruction of over sixty years may not be fixed in six months. Don’t be a political hypocrite over the present situation of this country. When it’s time, everything will rapidly come down. Alawuje assures Nigerians.

DOJ made the call as a result of a recent viral video of Aisha, a renowned Labour Party member and activist, where she stated that Nigeria does not have a President, describing President Bola Ahmed Tinubu in many unprintable words.

The DOJ National Coordinator, Comrade Abdulhakeem Adegoke Alawuje in a release on Wednesday posited that such an untrained individual should not be allowed to either cause a crisis in the land not corrupt the innocent youths who may erroneously take her as a mentor.

“This is indeed a misinterpretation of what we call fundamental human rights. Aisha Yesufu can as well insult anyone, including her husband, her father, or the father, but she must realise that Bola Tinubu is not just a personality, he is occupying the exalted office of the presidency to represent all Nigerians, irrespective of ethnicity, religion and political affiliations.

“Insulting the Nigerian President in such a mannerless way is not only despicable, it’s unAfrican and antithetical to all forms of domestic training and morality.

“Her vituperation is an insult to the Number One man in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, it is an insult to the entire nation. While it’s understandable that Aisha Yesufu was trying to mimic her bosses, Mr Peter Obi and his vice presidential candidate, Yusuf Baba-Ahmex who had made similar statements about not recognising the Nigerian president before the Supreme Court judgement, Aisha Yesufu should be intelligent enough to know that making such statement after the Supreme Court judgement does not only portray her as an ignoramus, it’s also a perjury under the Nigerian law. The president of the giant of Africa should never be allowed to be insulted by such an untrained lady like Aisha.

“Aisha needs to realise that the election is gone, the campaign is over and activism is not barbarianism. She needs to learn to know the difference between ruggedness and foolishness. There is a time for student unionism and there is a time for mature politics. She must wise up. She should have come of age. A fool at forty, they say, is a fool forever.

“Mrs Yesufu should not be fooled by her #NoGreeForAnybody generation or Obidient supporters who will only push and cheer her into the dungeon of regrets. Indeed what she did in that video is pure foolishness rather than the ruggedness she tried to prove.

“No sensible African and no sane Nigeria will applaud the Insanity and inanity she displayed in the unfortunate video. Constructive criticism is welcome but insulting the personality of the president can only be counterproductive. Whoever praises her for such an animalistic display in that video is indeed her enemy. What exactly will she gain from such incivility, nothing, of course.

“From time immemorial, political parties have contested elections, after which winners and losers will emerge. Labour Party is not the first political party to lose elections in Nigeria, and neither will it be the last. So, why go overboard?

“Is this part of what they called fundamental human rights? Aisha Yusufu is surely no longer a human rights fighter, she is a confirmed Labour Party member. And even as a politician, she has gone beyond partisan politics. What is displayed in the video is arrogant nonsense.

“The lady has gone beyond all constitutional boundaries. Her right to complain as a citizen has been overstressed and abused. She has collectively insulted the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The DOJ is hereby calling on the security agents to do their work without delay. No civilised nation or country in the world will subject its president or presidency to such ridicule from a nonentity, hiding under the banner of political activism.

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