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2027: Atiku’s planned collaboration with Obi is already dead on arrival – Alawuje

2027: Atiku’s planned collaboration with Obi is already dead on arrival – Alawuje

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Peoples Democratic Party presidential candidate in the 2023 general election, Alhaji Atiku Abhbakar’s planned collaboration with the Labour Party’s 2023 presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, ahead of the 2027 general election is an idea that is already dead on arrival.

National Coordinator, Disciples of Jagaban (DOJ), Comrade Abdulhakeem Adegoke Alawuje, on Thursday, said the planned collaboration which is bound to fail, is but the manifestation of the level of desperation caused by Atiku’s frustrations following his failed bid at the presidency.

Comrade Alawuj, who spoke to journalists on Thursday pointed out that, blinded by his desperation to become president of Nigeria, Atiku is more than willing to dine with the devil in order to satisfy his ambition.

“I really sympathise with him, but he needs to console himself as well because becoming a president is not, and it can not be a do or die affair,” he said.

According to Alawuje, both Atiku and Obi belong to the class of Nigerians who are responsible for the country’s predicament, especially in regard to good governance.

He described the shameless agitation by the duo of Atiku and Obi for the presidency as an attempt to derail Nigeria’s nascent democracy and as such, it’s a dream that would never come through.

Alawuje said it’s time for Nigerians to stop seeing political office, especially that of the president, vice president, and senate president, amongst others, as the exclusive preserve of an ethnic group.

“And all these political leaders from Mr. President to the least political officers’ holders should start seeing themselves as Nigerians. They should stop seeing themselves as being ethnic or religious representatives in government,” he said.

Alawuje insisted that Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi are incompatible as oppositions, especially since they merely represent ethnicity and religion, which is capable of burning the entire country if left unchecked.

“None of the mentioned politicians would have done better than Tinubu if elected, if truly we must be sincere to ourselves and face the reality,” he said.

Alawuje insisted Tinubu is the best for Nigerian as at this critical period, he is not relenting he is working day and night to get Nigerians rescued by all means.

“Tinubu’s achievement will campaign for him when it’s time.

“I am confident that Nigerians will never regret voting him in 2023, we are going to appreciate him at the end,” he added.

Alawuje accused both Atiku and Obi of fanning the embers of tribal politics during the 2023 general election, stressing that bot politicians hide under the umbrella of ethnicity and religion to campaign.

He noted that any person elected as president under the guise of religion or ethnicity would lack the wherewithal to bring onboard competent and experienced Nigerians as being done presently under President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Alawuje called for a deliberate effort to reduce the influence of religion or ethnicity in the country’s democracy.

“We must work together to uproot the mentality of our region or religion, especially at the federal level.

“No any region or religion that have offended Nigerians but that individuals hide under the banner of either religion or ethnicity to endanger good governance,” he added.

Alawuje lamented further that the malease has permeated the fabrics of the society such that an average Nigerian first considers his tribe or religion in taking decisions.

“That madness has gone deeper in many average Nigerians. Some of us who passed through Nigerian armed forces are still seeing those sentimental elements and religious bigots as high levels of madness.

“It is a known fact that if care is not taken, it may end up to another serious crisis, but let me assure you it will never lead to the end of Nigeria.

“We understand the governors are there as the servants of their states, the local government chairmen are their to also serve the interest of their local people, the senators, House of Representatives members are at the National assembly for the interest of their constituencies,” he said.

He decried that these two desperate politicians are hell-bent in causing disharmony by appealing to sentiments and through the exploitation of innocent youths to spread their ill adviced political doctrines.

“Some have been brainwashed that they cannot survive, that they cannot succeed in the system of a nation like Nigeria, then they felt they lost nothing even if they die in the process of the agitation to destroy it.

“Some are ready to sacrifice everything, including their lives, to make sure they put an end to the so-called one nation. They see it as a sacrifice for their future children and their unborn generation.

“Some of us that want Nigeria to continue as one nation are also ignorantly fueling the division of the country, some believe in the progress of their regional systems and some believe in their religion interests.

“What ordinary Nigerians are waiting for are the results of good governance namely good healthcare delivery, facility conditions that would enable them put foods on their table, access quality education, water, light, good roads and security of life’s and properties.

“By the time we are able to perfect all these for the masses, the agitation calling for independence under already independent country will gradually and automatically stop.

“Now we are having a president who promised us the renewed hope agenda. Let us keep all this sentiment completely away and give Mr. President all the necessary support to succeed.

“I am assuring Nigerians that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu means well for us and is fully ready to rescue Nigerians from the hands of all these leaches growing fat on the toils of the masses of this country,” Alawuje stated.

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