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“Another Plot to Intimidate Christians in Kwara State” – Adesanya-Davies Speaks-up Over Wednesday work free for Hijra


“Another Plot to Intimidate Christians in Kwara State” – Adesanya-Davies Speaks-up Over Wednesday work free for Hijra

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In a Press release signed by Rafiu Ajakaye, Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Kwara sStateon July 18, 2023, the Kwara State Governor Abdulrahman AbdulRazaq has reportedly approved, “The observance of every Muharram 1 as a work-free day in the state, a policy pronouncement that fulfils longstanding yearnings of the Muslim community in the state.”

It was reported that,“The Governor has thoroughly considered the longstanding requests from various quarters of the state. He has therefore approved that the day be observed henceforth (annually) as work-free in Kwara State, as is obtainable in many other states of the country. Consequently, Wednesday ,July 19, 2023, which is equivalent to the first day of Ithe slamic lunar calendar (Muharram 1445), shall be observed as a public holiday in the state,” according to a Government House statement on Tuesday.

Former female presidential candidate Funmilayo Adesanya-Davies a Princess of Ira, Kwara state, Nigeria, reacting to the development has said in her opinion, “This legislation of an extra work-free day which is non-national is on called for in the state as Kwara is a multi-religious state. The practice currently is not in any state of the country. Moreover, iChristians and other religious groups in Kwara state shouldn’t observea wwork-freeday on Wednesday, July 19, 2023, since it isn’t slated for the entire Nation, Nigeria.

How and why would a State declare an annual-work-free day yearly which is not national without the consent of the Federal Government? We have only in the past heard of such instances of oone-timework-free holiday declaration, ee.g.”Lagos declares work-free days for public servants to obtain PVCs on 19 Jan 2023.” — Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

Adesanya-Davies says, “This is not the first time such a step is being taken in Kwara State by the current administration to undermine the Christian community and make the Muslim community feel special. “At times, I just wondered unlike President Bola Tinubu and Vice President Kashim Shettima, what Governor Abdulrahman AbdulRazaq is up to when it comes to his religion, Islam, while he is even married to a Christian woman.”

She added, “Governor Abdulrahman AbdulRazaq, “We are watching you as you are also currently the newly elected Chairman of Nthe igerian Governors Forum who is supposed to be setting the space and showing ean xample in the nation that is already so divided and polarised on religious and tribal bases and needs redress, while you claim to be preaching tolerance, harmony and unity.

One had thought the governor is been known and celebrated for good governance, exemplary leadership and some sterling qualities as a crusader for human tolerance and human capital development. Anyway, the Kwara State Christians are praying.

The claim is that, “History says the first of Muharram heralded the migration of Prophet Muhammad, peace of God be upon him, from his birthplace Mecca in search of a peaceful and conducive atmosphere to practice Islam. This brings to mind the need for everyone to imbibe the lessons of patience, perseverance, tolerance, moderation, and compassion. However, Kwara state is part of Nigeria and not Saudi Arabia.

Surprisingly, it is pertinent to note that, there are nine official public holidays in Saudi Arabia; however, “Wednesday ,July 19, 2023″ which is fixed for Hthe ijra holiday in Kwara state, is neither a wwork-freeday nor a public holiday date in Saudi Arabia. One of the biggest public holiday events is Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan, which is usually marked in Nigeria as aaholiday.

For pthe urpose of clarity, lists of public holidays in Saudi Arabia during 2023 include:
3 May (Tuesday): Eid al-Fitr
4–6 May (Wednesday through Friday): Eid al-Fitr holiday
9 July (Saturday): Arafat Day
10 July (Sunday): Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice)
11–12 July (Monday through Tuesday): Eid al-Adha holiday
22 September (Thursday): National Day.
Important dDatesin Saudi Arabia 2022
21 March (Monday): Mother’s Day
3 April (Sunday): start of Ramadan
19 June (Sunday): Father’s Day
30 July (Saturday): Muharram (Islamic New Year)

It is enough that the “The Governor was said to have congratulated the Muslim community on the occasion of another lunar calendar, Hijrah 1445, while he urged everyone to reflect on the purport of the day in the hope that we are guided by its lessons and significance in our day-to-day living and interactions with others. He called for religious tolerance, mutual respect, and compassion for everyone, irrespective of their beliefs.”

However, what has that to do with a work-free day!?What has befallen Kwara state!? Who did this to us, it is rather uncalled for to institutionalise the date as a holiday in the state. Why do Nigerians so much like holidays for God’s Sake? Adesanya-Davies further asks. Any little thing, you declare WORK FREE DAYS!!!

It was four days ago when Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court announced that Tuesday, July 18, will be the last day of the month of Dhul Hijjah, 1444 Hijri, according to Saudi Press Agency.

The report said, “There was no sufficient evidence that the crescent was spotted on the evening of Dhul Hijjah 29 (Monday, July 17), and hence the Supreme Court decided that Tuesday (July 18) would be the last day of the month of Dhul Hijjah. Consequently, Wednesday, July 19, 2023, is being celebrated as the first day of the month of Muharram, 1445 Hijri.” It was not declared a public holiday. Even if declared a work-free day in Saudi, it needs not to be so in Kwara State and Nigeria, a secular state.

In a similar development, Adesanya-Davies has also urged Mallam AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq to “Stop the use of hijaab in Mission schools in Kwara State and return the Schools to the owners as Asiwaju Bola Tinubu defends return of Mission Schools with the transfer of forty-eight (48) mission schools to their former owners, during his tenure insisting that is the right thing to do and there is no going back on the issue.”

President Bola Tinubu would never initiate or support any policy that would make Nigeria an Islamic State, watch out! “I, therefore, call on President Ashiwaju Tinubu APC-led administration to come to our rescue in Kwara state.” pleads Bishop Prof. Funmilayo Adesanya-Davies.

God bless Kwara State,
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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