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Sex, sex, and more sex is a leading topic in our public discourse every day. So much has been said about it. The singles who are yet to join the marital voyage (that’s for those who are sticking to the no-sex-before-marriage rule) can’t wait to enjoy it on their wedding night. Sex is super sweet when enjoyed within the confines of marriage. But there are some realities about the sex life of married people that the singles know nothing about. This should help you prepare for your own marriage.

1. No couple does five rounds of sex in a day. Those are big lies. Those couples who do that are on some drugs, especially the men who always take stimulants to be horny. Most couples have one or two rounds of sex in a day.

2. In most marriages, couples don’t have sex every day: This is so because of the spouses’ challenging work schedules. Some spouses return from work very late at night tired and sometimes meeting the other spouse already asleep. Some have it 2, 3, or 4 times in a week. Some couples only have it once a week because they work far away from home and only return home during weekends.

3. Some days, the two spouses may not be in the mood for sex. Spouses have sex when they are horny.

4. Sex isn’t all there is in marriage. Some spouses sometimes go without sex for a week. Companionship is the greatest form of lovemaking in marriage.

5. When the other spouse isn’t horny, sex may not happen. Sex is pleasurable when the two spouses are actively involved in it.

6. Couples don’t have to have more than one round of sex before they would know they have had good sex. Good sex lasts between 10-20 minutes. Strong sex lasts between 30-40 minutes and very strong sex lasts between 40 minutes to 1 hour. Sex time isn’t static. It all boils down to how sexually active the couple is as well as how ready for the day they are. Sex that lasts for just 5 minutes or less isn’t good enough for a couple. While a man could be satisfied by that time frame, the woman won’t. Women, going by their body chemistry, can’t be sexually satisfied in 5 or fewer minutes. So men who fall under this category of lasting for just 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 minutes are advised to seek medical help to address the situation.

7. In marriage, it’s not the husband who initiates sex all the time. Sometimes the wives do. Couples have marriage languages at home. When my wife is horny and she wants sex, she communicates with me through that language.

8. In marriage, sex doesn’t happen at night all the time. Sometimes sex happens in the morning, in the afternoon or evening. It depends on the time you’re horny or available.

9. In marriage, sex doesn’t happen in the bedroom all the time. Sometimes it happens in the living room, bathroom, kitchen, etc.

10. In marriage, sometimes sex happens on the couch, on the kitchen cabinet, in the bathtub, on the balcony, on the dressing table, etc.

11. In marriage, sometimes couples have a quickie. This is a “rushed” sex that can last for just a minute or there about.

12. Couples don’t just have sex to have children. Most times it’s for pleasure.

13. In marriage, spouses use sex positions that are suitable for both of them. E.g.: missionary, doggy, giddy, etc.

14. In marriage, no spouse should do what the other spouse isn’t comfortable with during sex. Sex isn’t a selfish or one-sided thing. Both spouses should be actively involved otherwise subsequent ones won’t be fulfilling.

15. Sometimes in marriage, one spouse may not live up to the other partner’s expectations during sex. Please don’t let the roof fall over your heads. There will be other times to make up for the last sex.

16. In marriage, sex should be enjoyed. The two spouses determine how far and well their sex life will be enjoyable, not God. Please let your sex life be as active, hot and regular as possible as you can.

Dear singles, I know the fantasy many youths have about sex. Now that you have been educated on sex for your level (as a single), prepare very well for marriage. Sex is not for the singles but for the married ones.

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