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Come get our passport for a brighter future—Dominican Prime Minister urges Nigerians

Roosevelt Skerrit
Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, PM.

Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit has said Nigerians will be getting double awoof if they step up and grab his country’s passport through investment schemes.

In a webinar hosted by Guardian Nigeria and citizenship agency CS Global, the Prime Minister took time to woo his Nigerian audience on why the Dominican passport is the choice for those who want to literally go far in life and business.”In terms of the number of countries that Nigerian citizens can enter with a Nigerian passport compared to Dominica, [there] is about [a] two hundred percent difference. Even countries where you need to apply for visas, we have almost a hundred percent success rate,” Dr Skerrit said.

“There are huge attendant benefits for a Nigerian citizen also to be a citizen of Dominica,” he continued.  “And we do urge many of you to proceed with haste to apply to Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme. Life will be dramatically different for them. Their children will have access to better education around the world.”

With many European and Caribbean nations selling their citizenships to foreign elites, competition for the Nigerian market in particular has heightened among them as they try to out-market each other in the process. Africa is a major target for such passport markets and Nigeria is the epicenter. More citizenship companies are also beginning to set up shops in Nigeria.

Passport-trading firm Henley & Partners said last year that it had seen “constant growth” from Nigerian patronage. As Nigeria’s passport power continues to decline, impeding travel access even for its rich citizens, the scramble for a second passport has intensified in recent years.

Located in the Caribbean Islands and known for its beaches and rich tourist resources, the Dominican Republic offers a passport with visa-free or visa-on-arrival access of up to 140 countries around the world, compared to less than 50 for the green passport. The investments will cost interested applicants between $100,000 and $200,000 (from over N400 million to around N900 million at average black market dollar exchange rate).

Like Cyprus, Malta also has such investment schemes through which African and especially Nigerian elites can become citizens. It has also been marketing aggressively for Nigerian clients.

While developed Western countries are not offering investment-for-passport schemes, lesser-developed destinations are leveraging their relative stability and growth—raking in vast revenues just by having functional systems which foreigners wish to enjoy.

 “We have various tiers of security, of due diligence, that we follow. We are second to none,” the Dominican Prime Minister told the Nigerians. “In 2021, we will be moving away from the machine-readable passports to the biometric passports, so again, further increasing the security of our passport or security of our citizenship.”

More on safety, the Prime Minister of the country moves around without security.

Already, there are many Nigerian students and doctors in the low-tax country—in other words, a viable Nigerian community exists there.

Guardian Nigeria and citizenship agency CS Global.



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