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Condolence message to the Executive governor of Kaduna State, Senator Uba Sani, the entire people of the state and all Nigerians.

Condolence message to the Executive governor of Kaduna State, Senator Uba Sani, the entire people of the state and all Nigerians.

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Inna lilhai Waina Ilhai Rojiuna,

We are all from the Almighty God and to Him we shall all return.

Stop politicising the Air Force bombing in Kaduna State. The lives involved could not be traded on politics – Alawuje

Yoruba welfare group call for proper investigation and adequate compensation for the families involved.

This is a tragedy to many. YWG commiserate with the Kaduna State people, the entire Muslim Ummah and all of Nigeria.

YWG condoles His Excellency Senator Uba Sani and the people of Kaduna state over the tragic bombing of the Moluid Nabiy celebrities in the Igabi local government area of Kaduna. The defence headquarters explained that the congregation was mistaken for a terrorist gathering.

It could be recalled that the Ligama community in Igabi Local Government Area of Kaduna State is a terror-ravaged enclave.

Be that as it may, as a group, we want to urge the relevant authorities to continue the investigation into the remote and immediate cause of the incident and proper action should follow.

It is very saddening for some respectable leaders to score political points on the tragedy by weaponising it against the government. Some are even calling those who were sent to Dubai as delegates to return back to Nigeria.

When are we going to stop this kind of madness in our societies across the country?

It is very sad and it will be more disastrous if politicians start using it as a political tool to discredit the Nigerian Airforce. Therefore, the military authorities should investigate and know this kind of mistake is very expensive in defence.

The public would like to know the cause and the military must take the correction so that this kind of mistake should not repeat itself.

The governor of the state, Senator Uba Sani should robustly identify with the family of the victims of the bombing at this sad moment. They should be treated as his immediate family members.

Anyway, from Almighty Allah we all come and to Him, we shall all return. None of us can undo it. It has happened, but we must adjust to the future.

This is an accident we must separate completely from politics.

Yoruba welfare group hereby send a condolence message to the entire sons and daughters of Kaduna state on this unfortunate occurrence.

President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is still in shock over the sad accident.

Yoruba welfare group will organise a Tasiyya prayer for the victims.

We also call on the entire Nigerians to put the victims in our collective prayers. They need Nothing else from us than prayers.

May Almighty Allah forgive them all and take good care of the whole family they left behind.

It is a tragedy and loss to all Nigerians not only the family of the victims.



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