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Corruption: I Will Be The First ICPC Chairman To Defend cases in court — Musa Aliyu

Corruption: I Will Be The First ICPC Chairman To Defend cases in court — Musa Aliyu

Corruption: I Will Be The First ICPC Chairman To Defend cases in court — Musa Aliyu

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ICPC Chairman

The Chairman of the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission, Musa Aliyu, has said he will be appearing in court to defend anti-corruption cases involving the commission.

The anti-graft agency boss who was the Attorney-General of Jigawa State before he was appointed ICPC Chairman, made this known on Wednesday during a media chat with reporters in Abuja.

Aliyu said, “I’ll lead by example. By the grace of God, I intend to be appearing in cases of ICPC (in court). I don’t think there was ever a chairman of ICPC who appeared in court, but I’ll be the first. I am deeply committed to realising a vision for Nigeria where the principles of integrity, accountability, and transparency are not mere ideals but are deeply woven into the very fabric of our society.”

Musa further noted that the fight against corruption requires a collaborative, multi-sectoral approach, transcending the capabilities of any single entity.

He revealed that his administration will engage diverse stakeholders — the media, other anti-corruption agencies, civil society, the private sector, international partners, and citizens— to pool perspectives, expertise, and resources.

He further hinted that the ICPC’s fight against corruption would henceforth be based on the use of technology to fast-track the process.

He said, “In line with this commitment, the ICPC is actively enhancing inter-agency collaboration. A recent example of this is our recent visit to the EFCC. By uniting forces and sharing resources, we aim to intensify our collective fight against corruption, paving the way for a more transparent and accountable Nigeria. We would be collaborating more with the EFCC, the CCB, and the NFIU.

“Innovation is key in our ongoing battle against corruption. We are in an era where technology has revolutionised the way we live and work. As such, the ICPC is committed to integrating innovative approaches and cutting-edge technology into our operational framework.

“From leveraging data analytics for efficient resource management to employing advanced digital tools for effective corruption detection, technology will be at the forefront of our strategies.”

Musa noted that the ICPC’s threefold strategy is prevention, investigation and prosecution which forms the bedrock of the commission’s action plan against corruption.

He added, “Prevention is our first line of defence. We are dedicated to instilling a culture of ethics and integrity within our public service. By enhancing institutional transparency and accountability, we aim to create an environment where corruption finds no fertile ground to thrive.

“Our focus extends to capacity building, ensuring that our institutions and personnel are equipped to uphold the highest standards of conduct. In the area of investigation, our commitment is unwavering. We will fortify our internal control systems and uphold strict ethical standards. The ICPC will utilise advanced technological tools to detect and thoroughly examine corruption cases.

“Lastly, in terms of prosecution, we are determined to ensure that justice is not just done, but seen to be done. Strengthening our legal and regulatory frameworks will be paramount to support robust prosecutions. We will work tirelessly to ensure the efficient legal processing and adjudication of corruption cases, maintaining a solid legal foundation for accountability.”

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