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Current economic situation:The opposition’s failure in 2023 is becoming an incurable ailment – Tinubu support group

Current economic situation:The opposition's failure in 2023 is becoming an incurable ailment - Tinubu support group


Current economic situation:The opposition’s failure in 2023 is becoming an incurable ailment – Tinubu support group

President Tinubu

Current economic situation:The opposition’s failure in 2023 is becoming an incurable ailment, seriously driving them crazy against the same people they are desperate to rule.

*Tinubu support group laments

The bitter truth that many people in the presidency may not like to hear must be told.

Unbelievable, the political war before Tinubu became president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is still seriously on, albeit some people in the Tinubu government threw away the political foot soldiers, the true friends and defenders of Tinubu and started bringing in their cronies and acquaintances to the system.

One of the famous Tinubu support groups National Coordinator Comrade Abdulhakeem Adegoke Alawuje pleaded to all Tinubu support groups to spring up to defend their already achieved mandate despite the egocentric attitude and poor reward gesture from those in charge. Be that as it may, this government remains ours.

We should remember we convinced the public that we are coming to rescue them and unfortunately for us, we can not avoid them. We live within them. We are still coming back to them next time.

The enemies of this nation are all out to discredit the effort of the government to bring a lasting solution to the challenges facing us as a nation. They don’t love this country. Their failure in 2023 has become an incurable ailment driving them crazy. They continue to undermine the great strides of the present government by inflicting more hardship on innocent citizens as much as they can in their areas of influence. Nigerians should know their real enemies who are trying to instigate them against their real friends.
-Alawuje warns the enemies of the nation.

Those who are responsible for food scarcity and economic meltdown are not identified with any particular ethnic group, Party or religion. We simply see them as enemies of Nigeria.

Their mission is to discredit the leadership of Mr President without considering what ordinary Nigerians are going through.

The intercepted food trucks moving items out of Nigeria and the owners, must be publicly published and seriously dealt with.

We can then identify them.
By the time the government starts to deal with them, they should remain enemies of Nigeria, not Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, PDP, APC, Labour Party, Christian, pagan or Muslims.

If anyone turns it to ethnic, political or religious sentiments against the federal government, then they will be judged as calling for division and separation.

Some people blindly argued that President Tinubu should have put some soothing balm in place before removing the fuel subsidy. They didn’t argue against the removal, but “how” it was removed. Criticism is always cheap and some people are exceptionally good at that and nothing more.

I put it to them: Tinubu did not remove the fuel subsidy. He inherited the removal. If these people are sincere in their assertion, they should realize that the subsidy was not appropriated in the 2023 budget. Besides, all the leading candidates promised to remove it if elected. The question is, what is the sin of Tinubu? Was it because he was the one who finally implemented it?

Another angle to it is whether the removal was good or not, or whether was it done in good faith or otherwise. The subsidy regime was well conceived by past governments. However, it turned out to be a deadly monster and an existential threat to the very survival of the nation. It became a conduit pipe where Nigeria was being swindled of trillions of naira through corruption. The regime became unsustainable.

The same set of people who profited from the subsidy regime are now fighting back ferociously. They are Nigerians. These people are mafias. They will not back down.

Tinubu is trying to fix Nigeria but those who brought us here would not let go of their ego. They will surely constitute a stumbling block.

Another scenario was the decision of the government to float the naira. There were virtually no other options at the time the decision was taken. It was to curb corruption of round-tripping by the big men in the banking sector who have been engrossed in the malady. They clinically milk our economy dry. The official rate was introduced to assist genuine business owners and support the naira against unnecessary fluctuations. But behold, these big men were profiting from the forex and were selling and buying the forex at our own expense. These are people who are saddled with the responsibilities of our monetary policies. From the CBN to the commercial bank MD’s. They are all culprits. They made a fortune out of the situation but killed businesses and ran our economy aground.

My sincere advice to President Tinubu is to apprehend all the erring commercial bank Managing Directors. They are the main reason we are experiencing this hullabaloo. They profit from our hardship. The gains of the well-conceived deregulation of the forex have been eroded by them.

Until the government does this immediately, these disgruntled dissidents will continue to hold the whole nation for ransom.

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