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Digital Marketing Skill Institute Empowered over 5,000 young Women through the Digital Marketing Women Employability Programme

Digital Marketing Skill Institute Empowered over 5,000 Young Women through the Digital Marketing Women Employability Programme

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*Women inclusion in the digital economy will increase employment opportunity


Digital Marketing Skill Institute, a professional institute that specialises in training and preparing young Nigerians for the workplace, has held a conference to inspire women’s inclusion in a digital economy for self-reliance and employment opportunities. The conference, with the theme, “Inspiring Women’s Inclusion in The Digital Economy”, was held at the Civic Centre, Lagos.
Counting on his experience in the digital marketing space, the CEO/Managing Director, of Digital Marketing Skill Institute, Tobi Asehinde saw the need for women’s inclusion in the digital space to reduce unemployment among women and for our economy to grow.

Speaking during the conference alongside other experts, Tobi Asehinde said, “We gather here with a shared vision of fostering diversity, equality and innovation in the digital landscape. This is not just a statement but a call to action. In an era where digital technology is transforming industries and societies at an unprecedented pace, we must ensure women are not just passive participants but active leaders and contributors.
“This conference is a platform to celebrate the achievements of women in the digital marketing sector, to showcase their innovations, and to explore ways to break barriers and create more opportunities for women in the digital world. It is about recognizing that diversity drives creativity and that inclusive digital economies benefit everyone. Digital Marketing Skill Institute with the support received by Challenge for Youth Employment through the Foreign Ministry of the Kingdom of Netherlands has empowered over 5,000 young women through the Digital Marketing Women Employability Programme and Its Impact.

The initiative has also extended across Africa with over 1,000 young women beneficiaries from countries like Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and 10 other African countries.
Let us seize this opportunity to learn, collaborate, and pave the way for a more inclusive and prosperous digital future”.
Some marketing communication experts also stressed the importance of digital marketing in empowering women, tackling unemployment and promoting self-reliance. The experts said that Nigerian women should embrace the opportunities in the digital space to sell items, empower themselves and achieve self-actualisation.
The event exposed women to the skills required in the space, content development and managing target audiences or clients’ emotions to retain their loyalty.
The South-West Zonal Coordinator of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment, Mrs Nonye Badejo, said, “The COVID-19 lockdown period exposed the gold mines in the digital space”.
She encouraged women to explore the digital space with products and services in the informal sector by adding value to them and making gains.

According to her, many of the women are gainfully engaged from the home, making the ministry think of ways to extend the digital marketing variant to rural communities to shore up participants.
Also speaking at the event, the Guest Speaker, Ms Myra Abasikara, said that opportunities abound in digital marketing. Abasikara, Direct Marketing Lead, 9 Payment Service Bank, pointed out that with no fewer than 36 million Nigerian users of social media, stereotypes that hinder women in the conventional workplace were non-existent.

The expert described digital marketing as the new normal that, if invested in, could lift the womenfolk from dependency and make them breadwinners.

A keynote speaker and Manager, Brands and Communication, Airtel, Ms Ayoola Femi-Adebayo, said that women should break social barriers and advance their lives while working from the comfort of their homes. Adebayo, whose speech centred on women’s inclusion in the digital economy, charged people to develop their local products to global standards to enable them to attract patronage globally.
She said, “Platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Whatsapp should be your global vehicle to reach the world with your goods and services. The practical strategies for starting a career in the digital space are: Your skills, content development is King, creativity that comprises one’s curiosity to be ahead of others in your chosen area”.

In her submission at the event, a Co-Keynote Speaker and the Executive Director of Marketing and Partnership, at Herer Global, Mrs Deola Aromiwura, urged people to think locally and act globally for growth. Aromiwura urged people to look around them and identify that product or service that was in need in other climes and add value to it and sell.

She encouraged people to attend seminars that would educate them on the basics with regard to their areas of interest in the digital marketing sphere.

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